Slovak Chef Caught Racking Up Line of Coke on Live TV

TV viewers were given an unusual behind-the-scenes look into a Slovak kitchen yesterday on morning television

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 20.01.2016 14:06:57 (updated on 20.01.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

Viewers tuning in to Tuesday’s broadcast of the popular morning show Teleráno on Slovakia’s TV Markiza expected a cooking show but were treated to a scene from a drug den. 

During a live broadcast on the Bratislava-based station’s morning program just before 7:00, a split-second close-up captures guest chef Ľubomír Herko using a credit card to portion out some white powder alongside a rolled-up bill.

Perhaps realizing the live broadcast is capturing something it shouldn’t, the cameraman quickly pans up to Herko’s face to capture a sheepish grin. 

The video has been repeatedly pulled from YouTube, but here’s the LiveLeak version:

Exactly what Herko was doing was unmistakable, but there is some question as to whether the footage captured the genuine deal or was part of a practical joke.

The cameraman filming a close-up of the coke-racking, and the producer responsible for cutting to the footage on live TV, appear to be just as culpable as the chef in the incident.

Either way, executives at TV Markiza weren’t exactly pleased with what occured.

“We consider this an entirely inappropriate “joke” that has no place in such a broadcast,” spokeswoman Tatiana Tóthová told local tabloid “There will be consequences and will be dealt with within the station.” 

Footage of the incident quickly went viral, racking up thousands of upvotes on Reddit and quickly spreading to other media.

Slovak Chef Caught Racking Up Line of Coke on Live TV

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