Trial phase for platform-edge entrance doors on Prague metro begins

The testing period will see the first two carriages of the Zličín metro closed due to the installation of boarding doors. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 10.09.2023 12:00:00 (updated on 12.09.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Metro commuters in Zličín take note: the first two doors of the metro at the B-line station are now off-limits due to preparations for the construction of an automatic security wall.

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has set up the barriers due to ongoing work aimed at installing boarding doors, a crucial step in implementing automatic subway operation.

The plan for this project was initially reported by in June; the site now reports that construction has commenced. Daniel Šabík, the Director of the Communications Department at DPP, confirmed the news, saying:

"Preparatory work for the first phase of construction, involving the installation of two wall modules covering half of the first metro train car, which equals two doors, has recently begun on the Zličín station platform towards the center."

Construction activities are concentrated in the immediate vicinity of the first car and are scheduled to continue until October.

Šabík continued, "In October, we plan to initiate test operations of the first two modules, which will still be under construction and therefore not carrying passengers. This phase aims to verify the correct functioning of various operational parameters, including communication and control elements, connections, and transmissions to the DPP technological network or the control dispatch room."

Mock up of the platform edge doors that will be at Černý Most.. Photo: Facebook, AŽD Praha
Mock up of the platform edge doors that will be at Černý Most.. Photo: Facebook, AŽD Praha

These measures are part of an important project aimed at modernizing the Prague metro system, enhancing safety, and transitioning to automatic subway operations.

Initially, the testing module will encompass only half of a single train car. Pending its successful performance, the module will be extended along the full length of the platform.

DPP intends to execute the pilot project exclusively at the Zličín station for now. The preparation phase is expected to conclude by the end of September.

While these initial construction activities may lead to temporary inconveniences for commuters, they mark significant progress toward a more efficient and secure subway system.

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