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Written by Staff Published on 29.04.2010 14:35:31 (updated on 29.04.2010) Reading time: 3 minutes

Slevomat Collective Buying Goes Social

Group buying power gains unique online tool to achieve maximum discounts outside regular offer in shops or marketing activities

Social networks such as Twitter or Facebook are currently said to be nearly omnipotent. What they have yet to learn in the Czech Republic is to directly influence product and service prices for the sake of customer´s financial well-being. New online service Slevomat (sleva – discount) aims at connecting their present users in order to be able to generate better deals than those they would be able to negotiate individually. The very first deal on Slevomat is available on, and it is CZK 100 for CZK 200 worth of non-alcoholic beverages in one out of three fair trade cafés Mama Coffee in Prague.

“When preparing the project we bore in mind a very successful concept of the so called Groupon which originated in the United States and which is currently operating in many other cities all over the globe,“ describes the background of the idea its Czech author Mr. Tomáš Čupr. “Our goal with Slevomat is to provide the possibility to experience the atmosphere of interesting ventures or get hold of otherwise luxurious items while you do not need to auction or commit yourself along with accepting the deal. On our website, a new deal will be introduced on a daily basis together with a certain ´critical mass´ of other customers needed for it to be activated,“
he explains.

Slevomat offers will concern not only new products or entry fee discounts to cultural and social facilities, however, in the long run it also plans to support useful community and environmentally friendly projects. “How colourful our portfolio will get depends mainly on the interest of Czech businesses, both those we have already addressed and other spontaneous response it generates; when looking at the experience from abroad, though, we assume that creating a new and loyal clientele could represent a substantial incentive. It is not unusual for the businesses to offer as much as 70 per cent off because we also provide the desired space for communication of their brand,“ introduces the benefits for other participating subjects Mr. Tomáš Čupr from Slevomat. “We care to make sure that Slevomat functions alongside with other regular marketing activities, and that our customers really get the créme de la créme of all offers. From the initial response that we have gathered it is clear the businesses think we are rather sexy,“ says Mr. Čupr.

Slevomat also aims at getting closely interconnected with various social networks critical for its success. “We would love to become a platform for the exchange of experiences in Prague no matter what price level these may be. We also believe that feedback from customers we will mediate will become an interesting alternative to other marketing activities such as direct mailing,“ rests his case Mr. Tomáš Čupr.  

About Slevomat
Slevomat is an internet service offering its users unique daily deals. They can concern products as well as services and they are activated by a certain amount of prospective buyers representing a pool of potential new customers for the business. The service is of local nature because of ideal availability of the prenegotiated conditions, however, it may start operating outside the Capital soon. For more information please go to , to compare the original idea visit

„Collective intelligence is the ability of a group to come up with an alternative or better solution to a problem than its individual members.“

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