Rock For People 2011

What Better Way to Spend a Couple of Days in The Sun?

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 25.05.2011 16:42:04 (updated on 25.05.2011) Reading time: 3 minutes

The steady rise in temperature and decline in rainfall means only one thing to any self respecting music lover slash socialite: festival season! Hradec Kralové´s Festival Park opens its gates once again to all those attending, performing, and working at the annual Rock for People festival. Rock for People has been providing lovers of rock music with exciting and progressive names since the festival’s start in 1995.

Since then the event has gone from strength-to-strength, each year bringing more and more for the festival goer: more bands, more non-musical activities, more food, more security, and most importantly: a more enjoyable experience for all in attendance!

As the festival’s official English-language website, we´ll be providing you with useful information, tips, and pre & post reviews of the action. July 2-5 are the dates to circle in your calendar or diary for the rock-filled, sun-kissed event.

For the first time visitor, the high quality level of this event is already evident in the line-up. To name just a few of this year´s confirmed artists: The Streets (UK), My Chemical Romance (US), Kele (UK), Your Demise (UK), The Levellers (UK), Sum 41 (CA), Asian Dub Foundation (UK), and White Lies (UK) plus many, many more (including over 50 Czech & Slovak bands). All have been booked to provide the musical backdrop for your Rock for People 2011 experience.

We are happy to provide you with not only information on artists (interviews & background information), but we can also assist with the necessary and practical information that will hopefully grease the wheels of your trip and make for a happy, stress-free couple of days in the sun with great music and activities.

Need to sort accommodation in Hradec Kralové before you get there? Head over to the Hotels section to see what´s available and suitable for you and your group!

For the first time RFP visitor, you might like to look back at my daily reviews of last year´s action to get an honest and candid opinion of the festival overall. will bring also bring you an interview with The Levellers in 2 weeks

I have to say that I´m pretty excited to be going to this year´s Rock Fest. Each year gets bigger and better. One of the safest festivals with an upbeat & friendly atmosphere, what better way to spend a long weekend!

I spent the whole time camping on site last year; my aim was to soak up every last drop of the Rock Fest life over the 3 days. I have to say that I was pretty happy on the whole. It was my first real festival-camping experience and everything went smoothly. Of course there were some issues with my hot tent and other camping-related irritations, but, generally speaking it was a really fun couple of days. I spent a lot of the time walking around the smaller hangers that are dotted around the Festival Park area (the event takes place on an ex-airfield, so it´s still equipped with hangers, which make for perfect stages).

In a few months these stages will host all manner of bands playing a wide range of rock music for eager listeners. Last year´s non-musical activities included: bungee jumping, soapy slides, helicopter rides, and a kid´s corner – a supervised and spacious play area for the younger rockers attending the fest. Another considerate factor that shows that RFP really is for everyone! And then, of course, there´s the plethora of good, well-priced food on offer!

Whatever you fancy I guarantee you´ll find it and at a good price. So there you have it. Good music, Good food, good people, good organization and good vibes. 2-5.07.11. See you there!

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