PSA: How to instantly identify a Prague tram with air conditioning

This one helpful tip that will help you instantly distinguish a Prague tram with A/C from one without

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 11.06.2019 15:52:24 (updated on 11.06.2019) Reading time: 2 minutes

Pop quiz: it’s a sweltering summer day in Prague, and as you wait for one of the city’s trams to take you on that 20-minute ride to the office, you notice two approaching vehicles.

You can take either tram, and they’re both familiar new Škoda 15t vehicles. But one has a grey trim on the front, while the other is white and yellow. Which tram do you take?

By the end of this year, all new Škoda 15t trams in Prague will be retro-fitted with air conditioning, providing the Czech capital with a total of 250 vehicles that will be able to cool down passengers during the summer months.

Of course, that’s not of much use to Prague travellers at the moment. With rising temperatures in the Czech capital – the city will see highs in the 30s every day throughout the rest of the week – knowing which tram comes equipped with air conditioning can make a big difference on your daily commute.

Thankfully, there’s one helpful tip that can help you identify a tram with air conditioning on sight instantly, before you ever step in the vehicle.

According to PiD (Prague Integrated Transport), you can spot a tram equipped with air conditioning by the white & yellow trim: this indicates a newer model of 15t that had A/C installed upon delivery.

The trams with A/C can also be identified by number: a total of 125 trams numbered 9326 – 9450 come equipped with air conditioning and the yellow trim.

BONUS! The yellow trim also means that the tram comes equipped with wi-fi internet access.

Trams without air conditioning, meanwhile can be identified as only having the grey trim, and include 123 trams numbered 9201 – 9325.

But take note! Two trams, 9243 and 9285, only have the grey trim, but DO come equipped with air conditioning.

And as A/C units get retro-fitted onto older vehicles over the upcoming months (at the rate of about two trams per week), additional grey-trim trams may also have A/C.

Trams with air conditioning run throughout Prague, but are most commonly found on the lines 5, 9, 15 and 20.

PiD also recommends that riders avoid opening windows on trams with air conditioning, while they can feel free to do so on other models.

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