Prague's Segway tours now offer a view of some of the city's lesser-known landmarks

Once an controversial addition to Prague’s city center, Segway tours now give visitors the opportunity to see areas off the beaten track - and are even popular with locals

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 03.06.2019 08:21:10 (updated on 03.06.2019) Reading time: 3 minutes

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Břevnov Monastery. Sacre Coeur Park. Strahov Stadium – one of the largest athletic venues in the entire world.

These aren’t the typical venues on a Prague tourist’s to-do list. But that doesn’t make them any less extraordinary.

And thanks to local tour agencies – and some recent legislation – these impressive venues and others outside the city center are getting a lot more exposure than they may have a few years back.

In 2016, the city of Prague barred Segway vehicles from pedestrian zones in the increasingly-crowded city center. For local operators of popular Segway tours in the city center, an estimated 300 jobs were threatened.

via Segway Experience Prague

But three years later, Segway tours in Prague are still thriving – – highlighting some lesser-known areas of the city, and giving both tourists and locals a chance to visit Prague landmarks that they might not otherwise get the opportunity to see.

How have Segway tours adapted to the new regulations in Prague?

“We have been forced to find new attractions outside of historical center,” says Jaroslav Endršt from Segway Experience Prague, which operates Segway, e-scooter, and e-bike tours in Prague.

“But we have found them, and our customers are happy to see something away from the main tourist crowds. For example, Břevnov Monastery is a beautiful place. Splendid baroque architecture, quiet gardens with a small pond, and an exquisite beer with more than 1000 years of tradition.”

Segway Experience Prague’s Segway tours include an excursion through the Břevnov area in Prague 6, which features stops at the Strahov Monastery (which includes one of the most photogenic libraries in the world), Břevnov Monastery, Ladronka Park, Homestead Spiritka, and Strahov Stadium.

Strahov Stadium via Segway Experience Prague

Another tour from Segway Experience Prague in Smíchov includes a journey down the Vltava embankment with views of Prague’s Dancing House and National Theatre, and also takes riders up to Sacre Coeur Park, with its breathtaking views of the Czech capital, as well as Strahov Stadium.

An immense venue three times the size of an American football field, Strahov Stadium was once used for incredible mass gymnastics displays but is now mostly disused. With a capacity of 250,000 spectators, it’s the largest sports complex in the world, and a spectacular sight to behold – but one that even residents of Prague are likely to miss.

Segway Experience Prague also offers a tour that combines sightseeing with another favorite Czech past time: a Segway beer tasting tour includes a stop at two of the oldest breweries in Prague at the Břevnov and Strahov Monasteries and a trip up to scenic Petřín hill and Hvězda Park.

According to Endršt, the three-hour Segway tour with beer tasting at the Monastery has been the company’s most popular option.

Hvězda Park via Segway Experience Prague

While Prague residents may identify Segway tours with tourists, an increasing number of locals have taken to sightseeing the Czech capital by Segway – – something that the tours of some of Prague’s off-the-beaten-path locations has has helped to boost.

The Segway tours also serve another demographic in Prague that the city doesn’t always cater to.

“Family tourism is not really developed in Prague,” says Endršt.

“There’s Prague Zoo, a mirror maze, and that’s it. But Segways are a popular option for families. Kids have lot of fun riding the Segways, and their parents enjoy the sightseeing.”

On TripAdvisor, Segway Experience Prague currently boasts a 5-star rating, and is listed as the #9 tour in Prague out more than 650 other options.

In addition to Segway tours of Prague’s lesser-known landmarks, Segway Experience Prague also offer e-scooter and e-bike tours through more familiar sights in the city center, and a treasure hunt that involves scouring the city for clues during a limited timeframe.

But despite new regulations, Segway tours have proved an enduringly popular way to see Prague.

“The biggest benefit is that riding a Segway is fun,” according to Endršt.

“Many of our customers say that highlight of the tour is the Segway vehicle itself. The feeling is completely different than riding an e-bike.”

For more information about Segway tours in Prague, or to book a tour of the Czech capital yourself, visit the official Segway Experience Prague website.

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