Prague’s Empty Town Hall Houses Transformed into Co-Working Space

The new Prague Creative Center has given once derelict historic buildings fresh life as a hub of education, culture, and creativity Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 10.10.2017 14:15:20 (updated on 10.10.2017) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Prague Creative Center has opened in the formerly empty municipal-owned houses known as the “town hall houses.”

As of October 4, the city of Prague will now lease the space to organizations in the fields of culture, education, and creative entrepreneurship. The project was initiated by the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (Praha IPR).

“Prague has long defined itself as a city with a deep cultural heritage, but there is no doubt that it does not currently have an authentic and vibrant cultural center, providing a creative experience,” says David Kašpar one of the strategic planners behind the project.

Photos: Institut plánování a rozvoje Prahy - IPR

Photos: Institut plánování a rozvoje Prahy – IPR

The premises of the new center can be rented for a single event or as space for exhibitions, shows, or projections. There will be a place for workshops, seminars, and public lectures. All activities hosted at the new venue must have a program in accordance with the concept of the center.

Mayor Adriana Krnáčová said of the newly launched initiative: “An empty house always means a missed opportunity. I am glad that City Hall buildings have found new uses. Prague’s historic center needs a place where people from different fields can meet each other and be inspired.”

Since 2015, the first-floor space has been inhabited by the Skautský Institute, a venue that has become increasingly popular for its recently renovated café and regular line-up of events offering a local feel in tourist-dominated Prague center.

Photos: Institut plánování a rozvoje Prahy - IPR

Photos: Institut plánování a rozvoje Prahy – IPR

“Since opening, we’ve organized 700 public events. We see our presence here as a huge challenge and opportunity. To have become part of the implementation of the Prague Creative Center, only enhanced this feeling,” said director of the Skautský Institute Miloš Říha.

Other residents include start-up Air Ventures and Information Center on Education EDUin as well offices of the Pragulic initiative.

“I believe that there will be a lot of creative ideas that will help to make the historical center of Prague livelier,” says Ondřej Boháč, Director of the Praha IPR.

Prague Creative Center is located at the House at the Golden Horn at Malé nám. 4/10.


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