Prague Thieves Steal New Tram Timetables

Dozens of timetables went missing a day after Prague public transport initiated widespread changes in tram service

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 06.09.2016 15:40:33 (updated on 06.09.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

As new tram line changes went into effect August 28th in Prague, the city’s public transport company DPP installed an estimated 10,000 new timetables at tram stops and other locations across the city.

But the next day, a few dozen of those timetables went missing, reports

“On Monday, August 29, the first working day after the change, DPP employees had to install about 40 new leaflets with schematics and actual timetables,” DPP spokesman Jiří Štábl told

Of course, that led to some confusion from travellers unfamiliar with the new tram routes and times: at some stops, there was no information about the new schedules to be found.

But was that the intent? Why would thieves steal paper timetables at various locations around the city?

“For some, perhaps this leaflet represents a valuable souvenir,” pondered Štábl.

Click here for an overview of Prague’s new tram system, which includes an additional three lines and route changes on nine others.

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