Prague Segway Ban Now in Effect

From today, Segway riders in much of central Prague face a 2,000 crown fine, according to new advertising campaign

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 03.08.2016 11:01:29 (updated on 03.08.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

August 3, 2016: Prague’s long-time-coming Segway ban is now officially in effect, according to, ending the years-long reign of the vehicles in the city’s historical center. 

As of this morning, a new advertising campaign introduces the ban to potential riders through posters, flyers and other advertising material throughout central Prague.

The posters, in English, contain a QR code through which visitors can download a map of the areas in which the ban is enforced, while flyers in English, Russian, German, and Italian have a map of the affected areas on the reverse side.

The advertising material warns of a 2000 CZK fine for operating the vehicles in prohibited areas.  

Reaction from the city’s Segway operators – in particular, if they’ll comply with the ban or risk fines – is yet to be seen.

When the ban was announced last month, the Segway Association of the Czech Republic (Asociace segway ČR), a union of 25 private companies that operate Segways in the country, announced they would be taking legal measures to fight the legislation.

Around 300 jobs were estimated to be affected by the ban.

The area of the ban includes all of Prague 1, the New Town area of Prague 2 (much of Vinohrady is unaffected, except the Náměstí Míru area), about half of Žižkov in Prague 3, most of Prague 4, the Holešovice district in Prague 7, and the Karlín district in Prague 8.

It’s a good chunk of the city.



Poster at Bílá Labuť tram stop \ Photo: Dave Park
Poster at Bílá Labuť tram stop \ Photo: Dave Park, the city’s official media presence, had some fun with the new ban with a new Facebook cover image: 


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