Prague's airport railway line takes another step towards completion

Construction of a new Praha-Bubny station, set to become a major train-tram-bus interchange on the line from Prague Airport, is now underway. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 15.01.2023 09:58:00 (updated on 28.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The long-awaited railway line from Prague's Václav Havel Airport has taken another step towards completion this weekend, as the Czech Republic's Railway Administration (Správa železnic) ceremonially launched construction of the second section of the line in Prague 7.

This part of the line will include a complete overhaul of the Praha-Bubny area and construction of new tracks that will include a new train stop at the Praha-Výstaviště exhibition grounds.

An entirely new Praha-Bubny station will be built as part of the reconstruction, as well as a new railway overpass that will help connect parts of Prague 7 that are now separated by train tracks. New tram and bus stops will also be launched at the Praha-Bubny station.

"Building a high-quality railway connection from the metropolis to the largest city in the Central Bohemian Region and also to the most important airport in the Czech Republic is one of the priorities of our government," Transport Minister Martin Kupka states in a press release.

"I am therefore glad that today we are starting the modernization of the next section, which is not very long, but its importance goes far beyond the borders of Prague. The relocated Praha-Bubny station will become an important transfer point for public transport in the metropolis."

The new Praha-Bubny station will also connect to the reconstructed Negrelli Viaduct, and offer access to Prague's metro C line at Vltavská. The existing Praha-Bubny station, which was the site of the deportation of Jews from Prague during WWII, will be converted into a permanent memorial.

"Thanks to the new route with an overpass, Holešovice, Bubny and Letná will finally be connected, and the busy crossing at Bubenská will stop holding up traffic," says Prague 7 Mayor Jan Čižinský.

"The modernized railway will bring us a fast way of transportation around the city, it will be the fastest connection to metro lines A and B. It will also remove the rail yard barrier that has divided Prague 7 into two parts for over a hundred years."

Construction of the new Praha-Bubny station is slated to be completed by 2025, but it's only the second of many sections of the railway line to see construction. A date for launching the new railway line from Prague's city center to the airport is tentatively scheduled for 2029.

"Implementation of such an important project always brings a significant burden on the local people. I would therefore like to ask our residents for their understanding and patience," adds Čižinský. "The result will be worth it."

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