Prague Ranks Among World's Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

The Czech capital has 8th-most vegan restaurants in the world, highest density of vegan restaurants in Europe

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 25.11.2015 11:28:37 (updated on 25.11.2015) Reading time: 1 minute

One of the most popular vegetarian restaurant resources online, has been providing listings for vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian-friendly restaurants across the world for the past 15+ years. 

Last year, they asked users to vote for the top vegan-friendly cities in the world. Berlin topped the chart of user-ranked cities, followed by New York, Portland, San Francisco, and London. 

They also provided a list of the cities with the most vegan restaurants. Tokyo topped that list, with 56, followed by Ho Chi Minh (47), New York City (43, with 75 within a 15-mile radius of the city center), Berlin (37), and Bangkok (30).

Prague, perhaps surprisingly in the land of svíčková and vepřové koleno, came in at eighth on that list, with 27 vegan restaurants.

Using the Happycow data and city population statistics, the Czech online vegan resource Soucitně.cz has compiled a list of the cities with the most vegan restaurants per capita.

The Thai resort town Phuket comes out as the city with the highest density of vegan restaurants, with 18 restaurants and a population of 370,000. San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle follow.

Prague comes in at number 5 here, with 27 vegan restaurants and a population of 1.24 million, roughly one vegan restaurant for every 46,000 residents.

That means that the Czech capital has the highest density of vegan restaurants in Europe – topping Berlin, with 37 restaurants serving a population of 3.5 million, Milan (20/1.25), Warsaw (24/1.71), and Paris (16/2.24).

We’ve come a long way.


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