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<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Written by David Creighton

Prague has an excellent public transport system, which consists of an integrated network of metro, trams, buses and funicular railway. Public transport within the city boundaries is run by Dopravní podník hlavního města Prahy, or DP for short. It‘s sometimes referred to as MHD (Městská hromadná doprava). Prague is also part of the ROPID (Regionální organizátor Pražské integrované dopravy/Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport) network, which covers the suburbs beyond the city. Suburban transport will be covered in a later article.

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The greater


area is divided into seven concentric zones (pásma in Czech), with zones P and 0 corresponding to the area within the


municipal boundaries. A flat fare system for single tickets applies in


, with reductions for certain groups. Children aged between 6 and 15, high school students over 15, and university students up to the age of 26, are entitled to concessions (see below). Children up to the age of six travel free on


public transport, as do citizens over 70 (including foreign residents with permanent residence).

Tickets should be stamped as soon as you board the bus or tram, or at the entrance to the metro or funicular. You will see yellow stamping machines in all modes of transport. The blank strip at the end of the ticket should be punched; the green light on the machine should come on if this has been done correctly. Single tickets are valid for a limited period, and a new ticket must be stamped if the time limit is exceeded.

Bicycles can be taken on the metro (but they are not allowed on the bus or tram) without an extra charge, as well as babies in pushchairs, but for empty pushchairs and certain large objects (see DP website for details) a CZK 13 transfer ticket must be stamped, with the usual time conditions applying (see table below). Animals not carried within a box or container are also subject to a CZK 26 transfer ticket.






Adult Child
Transfer Ticket (přestupní jízdenka) 75 minutes at peak times (5am – 8pm on weekdays) 90 minutes at all other times (including public holidays) Covers zones P & 0. Unlimited transfers within and between public transport modes, provided journey made within 75/90 minutes. Can be used on night transport. 26 13
Non-transfer ticket (nepřestupní jízdenka) 20 minutes on tram or bus, or 5 metro stops (not including the stop where the ticket was validated) Covers zones P and 0. Transfers permitted only on the metro (no more than 30 minutes from validation). Not valid on the funicular railway or night transport. 18 9
Ticket bought on bus Same as transfer ticket Same conditions as transfer ticket. Available in zone P only. 30 17



It always makes sense to buy a pass, and even if you have to use the public transport system often in order to make the ticket pay, prices are relatively low compared to the West, making passes a worthwhile option. It´s also much more convenient. As with single tickets, short-term passes should be validated immediately, and they do not need to be stamped again. The ticket is valid based on the number of hours elapsed after you stamp the ticket, so if you buy a 24-hour ticket at 12.00 on Monday, it will still be valid at 9.00 on Tuesday.Holders of passes do not have to pay an extra charge for items mentioned above, except animals. All passes are valid only within the boundaries of


. Information about passes is summarised in the tables below.

Period Price (CZK)
Adult Child Concession

24 Hours

100 50 n/a
3 Days (72 hours) 330  n/a n/a
5 Days (120 hours) 500 n/a n/a
7 Days No longer offered n/a n/a

To obtain a long-term pass you need to provide one passport-sized photograph and identification, e.g. passport, and fill out a simple form (only in Czech). Get a Czech to help you if necessary. Passes based on a submitted form are marked sevidencí in Czech. Having such a ticket means you will be entitled to a reduced penalty if you do not have your pass with you when there is a ticket inspection.

LONG-TERM PASS (Without optional commencement of validity period)
Period Price (CZK)
Adult Child (6-15) Concession
Monthly 550 130 260
Quarterly 1480 360 720
Annual 4750 n/a n/a

It is also possible to buy tickets where the commencement period is flexible, e.g. the validity period can begin on 10th January instead of 1st January.



The public transport system works on an honour basis, although inspections are frequent, particularly on the busy metro stations in the centre. Inspectors are obliged to show you their identification badge, which has the DP logo and a four-digit number. Watch out for bogus inspectors – they are known to operate. Můstek and Muzeum are particular favourites of inspectors, as are “tourist“ tram such as Nos. 18 and 22. On the bus I´ve only had my ticket inspected twice since I came to Prague, once, strangely enough by the driver, but bus inspections do occur.



The DP website has comprehensive information. See Information is available in English. You can also can 296 191 817 for information (Czech/English/German). The line is open daily, from 7.00 to 21.00. DP also operates five travel centres. For more details see the website.

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