Prague’s Grease Tram to Light up for Christmas

The ever-popular Mazačky tramvaj has been out of commission for some time, but next Monday its back for Christmas

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 17.12.2016 10:00:00 (updated on 17.12.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

Prague distinctive Grease Tram (Mazačky tramvaj), a short red carriage that roams and lubricates the city’s rails, slid its way into the hearts of the Czech capital’s residents and visitors after in debuted in 2015

It even has its own Facebook page, filled with snapshots and selfies from adoring fans from across the world.

Since May of this year, however, the Grease Tram has been out of commission: it’s been undergoing repairs in the Hostivař depot, with a return date unknown.

But Prague residents will get an early Christmas present on Monday, December 19: not only is the Grease Tram coming back, but it will be decked out in a special Christmas edition.

The “Lighting of the Christmas Grease Tram” will take place at 16:00 next Monday, at the Těšnov tram loop by the Florenc metro station. 

Prague’s Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek and DPP Technical Director Jan Šurovský will be on hand to christen the newly-refurbished tram and light it up for a “gala performance.”

Image: Facebook / DPP
Image: Facebook / DPP

This isn’t the Grease Tram’s first Christmas dance: last year, it housed a small Christmas tree as it made the Prague rounds over the holidays. 

Next year, this Grease Tram will get some new siblings in a pair of Škoda 15T cars fitted with fluid discharge nozzles to lube the city’s rails.

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