Prague ferry services and historic tram lines return this weekend

Praguers will have a wider range of public-transport options to choose from in the next six months, including four extra ferry lines and new tram services.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 22.03.2024 11:03:00 (updated on 22.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

With the arrival of spring, Prague’s public transport will see the return of several services, including bus line K, historic tram lines 41 and 42, and four ferries.

Faster ways to get across the Vltava

Prague Integrated Transport (PID) has announced that the ferries, which were previously out of service during the winter months, will now operate daily until October. Of the six ferries, only two operate year-round: P1 on the Sedlec–Zámky route and P2 between V Podbabě and Podhoří. 

Now, the P3, P4, P5, and P6 services will transport customers over the Vltava River. The P5 ferry is the city’s most central line, traveling from Výtoň (near Vyšehrad) to Kotevní by Smíchov. They operate at roughly 20-minute intervals; the official ferry timetables are here. Standard tickets and travel passes on the DPP network are valid for Prague’s ferries.

According to DPP spokesperson Filip Drápal, there will be no changes compared to last season, except for the full operation of the P4 Dostihová–Belárie seasonal ferry, which had been on a trial run in 2022 and 2023.

The ferries will also serve as an alternative for cyclists, as the passages through Barrandovský Dvorecký bridges – both under construction – are closed. 

Historic tram routes

DPP also announced the return of retro bus line K and historic tram lines 41 and 42. These lines will operate on holidays and weekends, providing tourists with a convenient hop-on, hop-off option to visit the city's main tourist attractions. The tram services will run until November.

The routes of historic tram lines 41 and 42 (Photo: DPP)
The routes of historic tram lines 41 and 42 (Photo: DPP)

Line 41 starts at Prague 7’s planetarium and goes to Prague Castle via Čechův most and Malá Strana. Line 42 commutes from Dlabačov in Prague 6 through the city center, passing Prague Castle, the National Theater, and Wenceslas Square. Bus line K will transport passengers around Prague 6 – using the same route as Prague’s first ever trolleybus line in the 1930s.

Special fares apply to these services: adult passengers must pay CZK 100 for one journey on tram number 41 and bus line K and an even steeper CZK 350 for number 42. Passengers can purchase tickets onboard or online. Both lines operate only on weekends and public holidays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., running at approximately 40-minute intervals. Timetables are listed on the Prague Public Transport Company website.

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