Prague cracks new TripAdvisor list of Europe’s top 10 most cultural cities

Prague has made a new list of the most cultural cities in Europe using data from TripAdvisor, coming in at #10

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 25.09.2019 16:23:55 (updated on 25.09.2019) Reading time: 1 minute

Using data collected from TripAdvisor, Pullman Hotels has compared 31 major cities across Europe to determine “the true European capitals of culture.” Paris tops the list, but Prague cracks the top 10, coming in at #10.

The hotel chain gathered TripAdvisor data regarding the total number of entertainment options, museums & galleries, monuments & statues, historical sites, religious sites, points of interest, and parks and nature areas in each city.

The number of cultural attractions was then divided by each city’s size to determine a ranking in each category. The total number of attractions were added together and divided by each city’s size to determine an overall score.

via Pullman Hotels

Paris topped the overall list of cultural cities and most of the subcategories, coming in first for it’s number of museums & galleries, religious sites, points of interest, entertainment venues, and parks & nature areas per square meter.

Brussles, Athens, Lisbon, and Dublin rounded out the top five, while Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Nicosia all made the top 10 ahead of Prague.

But the Czech capital came in at #10 with an impressive total number of 1031 cultural attractions listed on TripAdvisor. Only Paris, London, Moscow, and Rome had a higher total number of cultural attractions.

Prague’s 2.1 cultural attractions per square meter was also the highest among Central and Eastern European cities, though Vienna was right behind with 1.9.

via Pullman Hotels

Of course, most of Prague’s cultural attractions are located in the historical center of the city, but the same could be said for many European cities.

Prague fared best in entertainment, coming in at #8 with 0.3 entertainment venues per square meter. The Czech capital’s 412 museums and galleries was good enough for #9 on the list; only London and Moscow had a higher total number of museums and galleries.

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