Odd Czech News: April 14, 2015

Dog walks boy, wild boar breaks into zoo, and more local stories that made international headlines

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 14.04.2015 16:37:43 (updated on 14.04.2015) Reading time: 2 minutes

Teens walk through Czech villages covered in hay in odd Easter tradition
VICE, April 10 – For “Vodění Jidáše” (Marching Judas), some villages in Bohemia dress their eldest teenager in hay and march him through the town (see link for photos)
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Dog takes boy for a walk in Czech village
Daily Mail, April 7 – a dashcam captures the hilarious moment a huge St. Bernard drags its owner behind in an unnamed Czech village.
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Czech cyclist forced to remove false teeth mid-race
Sky Sports, April 7 – Zdeněk Štybar was forced to remove his false teeth after they began rattling halfway through the Tour de Flanders.
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Czech sailor found at sea with nothing but a page torn from an atlas
Telegraph, March 28 – Czech Michal Trejbal, 40, was rescued near the Isle of Wight after his yacht collided with rocks. The boat had no navigation equipment – Trejbal was sailing with a single page torn out of an atlas. 
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Wild boar breaks into Zlín zoo, gets torn apart by hyenas
iDnes, April 9 – Things didn’t end well for this wild boar’s visit to the zoo, which was partially caught on security cameras.
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World’s last male northern white rhino kept under armed guard
World.Mic, April 14 – Sudan, the last male rhino of his kind and a former resident of the ZOO Dvůr Králové, is now under 24-hour armed guard in Kenya to protect him from poachers.
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Is this the most tolerant news reporter ever? 
Mirror Online, April 1 – This Czech news reader keeps his cool during a live broadcast as pranksters continually mug on camera.
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Czech court sentences Russian to 2.5 years for drunken airplane brawl
Reuters, April 13 – Yevgeny Rothshtein, a former soccer player who forced an emergency landing in Prague on a 2006 Aeroflot flight after trying to get in the cockpit and threatening to blow up the plane, was sentenced by a Czech court on Monday. 
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Luggage porters replace missing escalator for Prague airport travelers
Fox News, April 10 – The missing escalators at Prague’s new metro station have been relayed by news agencies around the world; officials insist it isn’t a mistake. 
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Man dressed as Adolf Hitler tries to pick up women in Brno
Firstpost.com, April 13 – YouTube pranksters Shy Chickens tried these groan-inducing pickup lines from a man dressed as Hitler on the streets of Brno.
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Record amount of cocaine found in Lidl banana shipment
New York Times, April 3 – In a story that quickly made its way across the world, 100 kg of cocaine (a street value of $40 million) was found inside a shipment of bananas to the supermarket. 
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