Number of confirmed Czech COVID-19 cases crosses 5,000 with 195 new cases on Tuesday

The number of people who have tested positive fro coronavirus in the Czech Republic has reached 5,017, with 88 deaths and 172 recoveries


Written by ČTK Published on 08.04.2020 09:01:14 (updated on 08.04.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

Prague, April 8 (CTK) – The Health Ministry confirmed 195 coronavirus cases on Tuesday, which means that the number of people who tested positive in Czechia has reached 5,033, and 91 patients with COVID-19 have died in the country and 181 patients have recovered.

Six people died on Tuesday.

A total of 98,681 samples have been tested for coronavirus in the country so far, including the record high daily number of tests on Tuesday, 7,434.

The COVID-19 illness was recorded in the Czech Republic for the first time on March 1. At the end of March, the number of confirmed cases was more than 3,300.

The Czech Institute of Health Information and statistics (UZIS) estimated last week that there would be 8,000 confirmed cases in the country in mid-April and 14,200 at the end of the month.

On Monday, 235 cases were confirmed. The outbreak seems to slow down in the country. Last week, the average daily number of new cases was 253.


Out of all 14 regions, the number of the novel coronavirus cases is still the highest in Prague, with 92 patients per 100,000 inhabitants. Prague also has the highest absolute number of cases, 1,260, which is about one-quarter of all cases in the Czech Republic.

The region with the second highest number of cases is Olomouc in central Moravia with 73 patients per 100,000 inhabitants.

The highest number of cases are people aged from 45 to 54, who make up almost 20 percent of all cases. The share of seniors over 65 is only slightly smaller as is the share of patients from the age category of 35-44.

A total of 432 coronavirus patients stayed in Czech hospitals on Tuesday, 24 more than on Monday, including 103 severely ill. About 30 percent of the previously hospitalised patients have been released either as fully recovered or to home care.

Daily number of tested and positive tests in the Czech Republic from March 31:

Date: Number of tested samples (Number of newly confirmed cases)
March 31: 6,206 (307)
April 1: 5,973 (281)
April 2: 6,291 (269)
April 3: 6,889 (332)
April 4: 6,134 (282)
April 5: 4,710 (115)
April 6: 6,233 (235)
April 7: 7,434 (195)

Source: Health Ministry

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