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Written by Staff Published on 09.03.2010 17:18:56 (updated on 09.03.2010) Reading time: 2 minutes

Norter Holidays announces a special discount for users of on all offers, including packaged tours and individual hotel bookings. When contacting Norter Holidays, please mention the and receive a discount of up to 10% on your next holiday! Moreover, the expats loyalty program is launching on April 1, 2010, in which every holiday booked through Norter Holidays will have a point value that could lead to a discount of up to 70%  or even a complementary trip.

Norter Holidays is launching new destinations from the Czech Republic, which include Brazil eco tours and African safaris. Besides offering regular city tours, now Norter Holidays will take its customers around the Amazon and to unseen Safaris in Rwanda, Botswana and Tanzania. In Rwanda, for example, there is a brand new offer of gorilla safaris, where one can visit the eight different families of gorillas and watch them in their natural habitat.  

Norter Holidays is a travel agency dedicated to expats living in the Czech Republic. Offering everything from individual hotel bookings to custom tours, Norter Holidays specializes in top exotic and city destination. Whether you would like to go on a safari in Kenya , relax in Mauritius or go around Europe, Norter Holidays can pick a holiday that suits you.

Right now, Africa is becoming a more and more of a popular destination for tourists, mainly because it combines interesting city destinations and exotic beach vacations.  Moreover, the experiences one would get in Kenya or Tanzania cannot be compared to anything else, as it is truly a amazing world and a whole new planet.

For a completely new experience to lands that are less explored by travelers, Norter Holidays is offering many tours to Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Asian islands that are bound to take your breath away with their beauty.

Norter´s main specialty is the personalized approach to every client, allowing us to create getaways to all over the world.  Besides offering the popular destination, with Norter Holidays, one can go on a private gorilla safari in Rwanda, discover the far away, almost uninhabited islands of the Maldives, get a feel for real exotic culture in Burma and Thailand, where one can spend a few days on a floating village or simply enjoy the amazing local cuisine.

Besides regular tours, Norter Holidays also offers custom-picked honeymoons, romantic getaways and weddings. Also, conferences and team building activities can be organized as well. In the upcoming month, Norter Holidays is going to offer eco tours and extreme sports activities around Czech Republic and Eastern Europe.

To book your holiday e-mail us at: or call at +420 725 055 549

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