No foreigners or mixing of tourists, Czech travel agency promises customers

The idea is to reassure customers who are worried about post-pandemic mingling

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 11.06.2020 11:07:23 (updated on 11.06.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

As EU borders begin to re-open, inviting summer travel following a lengthy period of quarantine, questions about which destinations will accept tourists from Czech countries and the rules for those tourists’ re-entry abound. While a map published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this week may help clarify lingering questions, there is no map that exists for telling us if travel abroad is entirely safe.

One Czech travel agency has created a special travel package that aims to give travelers a little extra comfort this summer, promising Czechs their own “sovereign nation on the sea.”

Alexandria travel is currently offering all-inclusive packages to eight hotels and guesthouses in Bulgaria which promise a secluded beach experience away from other non-Czech tourists. It plans to add similar packages to Greece later this week.

The idea is to reassure customers who are worried about post-pandemic mingling. A description for a stay at the Žeravi Beach Alexandria Club, for instance, reads:

“Sovereign Czech territory on the Black Sea coast. Yes, the Žeravi Beach Alexandria Club hotel on Sunny Beach, like its sister hotel Žeravi in ​​Primorsko, will only serve CLEX ALEXANDRIA customers coming from the Czech Republic this summer. No foreigners from other countries, no mixing of tourists.”

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Speaking to the Czech daily Novinky, the company’s marketing director Petr Šatný said, “We know from the questions and comments of our customers that the most important thing for them is health and safety.” He added that the packages will allow customers to enjoy their holidays in maximum comfort while “avoiding the crowds of tourists of many nationalities that they would meet in other hotels.”

We e-mailed the travel agency this morning asking if incoming foreigners departing from the Czech Republic will be able to purchase the “no-foreigners” package. They confirmed that foreigners residing in the Czech Republic would indeed be able to take advantage of the special.

Currently, Czech travelers can enter Bulgaria without restriction, according to the Ministry’s travel regulations.

From June 15, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic recommends taking extra care during trips to other EU countries and the Schengen area with a low and medium risk of COVID-19 disease (marked in green and orange at the so-called traffic light).

According to a Novinky poll, 60 percent of Czechs indicated that they would not book a “no foreigners” tour.

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