Mexicans in Prague rank the city's absolute best tacos, margaritas, and guacamole

With a little help from their friends, LasSaboritas have chosen the best Mexican cuisine in the Czech capital

Las Saboritas

Written by Las Saboritas Published on 20.05.2020 16:32:00 (updated on 19.09.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

Mexican food in Prague is “not the best, but good enough to kill the craving.” So says one Mexican expat summing up the general consensus. If that’s true, why isn’t anyone asking the experts? Where can we find the good stuff? We asked Mexican and Mexican-American expats, including the 2,100 member Mexicanos en Praga (Mexicans in Prague) Facebook group, to share their uncensored opinions. Combined with LasSaboritas reviews, here is a breakdown of the best Mexican food in Prague.

Best Mexican Restaurant in Prague: Alebrijes Cocina Mexicana

Sergio, Miguel, and Esteban celebrating anniversary of Alebrijes Cocina Mexicana/ photo via Facebook

Mexican natives Sergio, Miguel, and Esteban set out to build a place where people in Prague could experience traditional Mexican cuisine and a few Tex-Mex options. 

  • Ceviche – A classic Mexican preparation of white fish marinated in citrus with chile, cucumber, avocado, and onion.
  • Enchiladas – Corn tortillas stuffed with filling and smothered in sauce. Try mole poblano, a complex sauce made of spices, nuts, seeds, chile and chocolate.
  • Guacamole – Voted best flavor in Prague by our Mexican friends, this is fresh avocado mashed with salt, lime juice, cilantro, onion and tomato.

Best Service at a Mexican Restaurant in Prague: Las Adelitas Restaurante Mexicano

Photo via Facebook Las Adelitas

With four locations plus La Taquería, Chef Rodrigo Flores and his team are the most well-known chain in the city since opening in 2009. 

  • Margaritas – The best in Prague according to our Mexican friends. LasSaboritas recommend the herradura clásica and tamarindo chile flavors. 
  • Quesadillas Fritas – Unlike tortilla-based quesadillas, Las Adelitas serves deep-fried masa pockets filled with mushrooms, chicken or pork. Be adventurous with mixtas (one of each).

Best Tacos in Prague

Quintessential Mexican street food, the taco predates the arrival of Spanish colonizers in Mexico. Every taco should be made with the best corn tortilla, generous meat or vegetable filling, complementary toppings, and salsa.  

  • Tacos de Bistec (Little México) – Grilled flank steak, onion, cilantro and lime. Props for their house-made salsa.
  • Tacos de Pato (Las Adelitas) – Braised duck meat.
  • Fish/Shrimp Tacos (Paco Fish Tacos)
  • Tacos Campechanos (Alebrijes) – Grilled beef and minced chorizo (spicy pork sausage).
  • Queso y Poblano Taco (Mexicali Mercado) – Cheese and roasted pepper is the vegetarian standout.

Honorable mentions:

  • Cafe Latino – Good marks for warm service and tamales, a hard-to-find dish in Prague.
  • Agave – Modern creativity with queso fresco, crunchy bacon & pumpkin seeds in guacamole or a caramelized pepper walnuts & pomegranate version. Not traditional, but still delicious – like their tacos with pulled goat, deep-fried avocado, or grilled octopus.

Room for improvement

We have to agree with our Mexican friends that authentic options are still lacking. “The flavors are mild, not spicy like they are in Mexico,” is a repeated complaint over ingredient swapping. Fresh, house-made tortillas, a staple of Mexican meals, are rare. Other favorites like sopa de tortilla, chilaquiles, tamales, and sopes are missing from most menus. 

Expats want a bigger selection of Mexican beer. Beyond Corona and Sol (export favorites), major brands like Modelo, Bohemia, and Dos Equis are scarce, not to mention Mexican craft brews. Plus, the Mexican crowd craves after-hours food: “It would be great if taco places were open late.”

The Mexican food scene in Prague is ever-evolving. “Mexican Street Kitchen” La Patrona opened May 11, 2020 behind the Kotva department store. Will it satisfy the critics and bring what Mexican food lovers are missing, or will it be more of the same?

Let’s hear it, Mexican food fans. Do you agree or disagree about Mexican food in Prague? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @lassaboritas today.

Mentioned in this article:

Masná 620/2, Prague 1 – Old Town
Hours vary

Alebrijes Cocina Mexicana
Všehrdova 17/436, Prague 1 – Old Town
Opening hours: 12:00 to 23:00

Cafe Latino
Betlémské nám. 1, Prague 1 – Old Town
Tues – Sat:  10:00 – 18:00; Sun:  10:00 – 19:00; Closed Mondays

La Patrona
Nám. Republiky 8, Prague 1 – Old Town
Open daily 11.00 – 22.00

Las Adelitas Restaurante Mexicano
Locations throughout Prague, hours vary

Little México
Moravská 1503/21, Praha 2 – Vinohrady
Mon-Fri: 12.00 – 22.00, Sat: 14.00 – 22.00

Mexicali Mercado Taco Bar
Kovářská 939/4, 190 00 Praha 9-Libeň

Paco Fish Taco
Pop-up vendor at festivals and farmer’s markets

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