Prague Metro Updates

Changes and news on Prague´s metro system

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 09.08.2010 15:54:34 (updated on 09.08.2010) Reading time: 3 minutes

There have been lots of changes going on with the Prague metro system, and decided it was time for an update of what´s happening with everybody´s favorite transport system. A variety of changes that went into affect July 1, 2010 have been implemented by DP Praha, the city´s official transport company and beginning in September, new hours will be in place.

Ticket prices have not changed. An Adult Limited (valid for 20 minutes of travel, no changes) is 18 CZK. An Adult Basic (valid for 75 minutes) is 26 CZK. There are two types of long-term passes available: “Passes” and “Transferable Passes.” The transferable ones are more expensive, no personal data is required to get them and they can be bought and validated at any time of the year. A 30-day Adult Pass is 670 CZK, a 90-day Quarterly is 1,880 CZK and a 365-day Yearly is 6,100 CZK. There are also prices for child, junior, student and senior tickets; check the full fare schedule here . Under the new tariff changes, children up to 10 years of age can ride free.

Other changes that went into effect July 1 include the option of suspending your OpenCard yearly pass for up to 14 days, twice a year. This option is not available with a transferable yearly pass. For those unfamiliar with OpenCard , it´s essentially a “smart card” that will someday be used for a variety of city services. Currently, it is mostly used as a yearly public transport pass and as a library card. A number of places have also started offering small discounts if you have an OpenCard including the Prague Zoo, Prague Botanical Garden, Troja Chateau, Prague City Museum and Prague Towers. More places, like museums and theaters are expected to join the list. Discounts range anywhere from 5%-50% off the admission price.  If you are interested in getting yourself an OpenCard, details can be found here . OpenCards can be bought and validated at any time of the year. As of August  1, 2010, a new OpenCard price list went into effect. The changes effect actual costs associated with the card, for example replacement, exchange, etc.

If you can´t be bothered to stop and buy a ticket, don´t forget you can purchase one via sms. Simply send a text message saying “DPT” to 902 06. Charge getting caught riding black? 950 CZK.

Night owls will be happy to know that as of September 2010 the metro runs until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights. Tram and bus schedules were also be extend till 1am, so no worries about the metro delivering you somewhere with no connection options.

Long awaited extensions of metro lines have begun as well. Line A (green line) is currently being extended from Dejvicka to Motol with completion set for 2014. A metro straight to the airport is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The cost for the first extension is estimated at 19 billion CZK. Starting in either 2012 or 2013, a fourth line, the D line, is scheduled to be built. The goal is to ease passenger numbers on the C (red) line. It would be 11 kilometers long and the trains would be remote controlled.

Useless metro facts? There are 57 metro stations and more than one million people use the metro system each day. The metro was opened in May 1974, with the C line. It was nearly seven kilometers long and had nine stations. There are nearly 2000 buses, trams and metro cars in the DP Praha´s system.

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