Inspire, Engage, Empower: The International School of Prague charts a path to success in the classroom and beyond

In their own words, four students reflect on how the International School of Prague has shaped their lives. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 22.03.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 22.03.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

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With a rich history spanning 75 years, the International School of Prague (ISP) has a well-earned reputation for exceptional educational programs and results for students aged 3 to 18 years. Situated on a beautiful purpose-built campus near the Divoká Šárka forest in Prague 6, ISP demonstrates excellence in all areas of its educational experiences, aspiring to become the most impactful, innovative, and progressive IB international school in Europe.  

What sets ISP apart is its unwavering commitment to a vision and mission found in every classroom, every day. Educators at ISP inspire, engage, and empower all learners to become curious, competent, and compassionate changemakers

ISP is on track to become the first international school in Prague to offer a full IB Continuum School experience. Adding to its hallmark Diploma Programme, the school will expand to soon offer the PYP (Primary Years Programme), the MYP (Middle Years Programme), and the CP (Career-related Programme) as well.

ISP is an open-admission (non-selective) school serving an academically and internationally diverse student body. Seniors achieve exceptional scores on the IB exams, significantly above the world average. Last year, over 25 percent of students scored 40 or above, and one student achieved the highest possible score of 45. Academic rigor, however, is just one aspect of the rich experience at ISP.

The ISP mission comes to life not only at the school but beyond its walls as students and graduates impact others around the globe with passion, creativity, and confidence. Read how four students speak about their ISP experience. 

Nicole, an ISP student from first grade to graduation, fondly remembers being challenged to think independently and explore her ideas from a young age. She credits her teachers for nurturing her curiosity, which eventually led her to pursue her passion for digital media and culture at King's College in London. Nicole's interest in the creative potential of technology was sparked by a graphic design elective at ISP. "I didn't even know I was artistic until then! ISP taught me that taking risks and exploring new things is an essential part of life," Nicole reflects. 

Lukas, currently studying law at Oxford, exemplifies another aspect of the ISP Mission - Competence. Lukas attributes his success on the IB Diploma Programme exams and his seamless transition to university to the research skills he acquired at ISP. "Learning at ISP places great emphasis on research from a young age, and I have come to appreciate that as I progress in my academic career." 

Rhia, a first-year medical student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, credits her self-esteem and confidence in pursuing medicine to the influence of "extremely intelligent and motivating female teachers" at ISP. Rhia also recalls the impact of her service experiences at ISP, which shaped her desire to affect positive change in medicine. A genuinely compassionate changemaker, Rhia intends to find a way to “give back,” such as working one day with a non-profit like Doctors without Borders.

Lexi is a dynamic eleventh-grader at ISP with a broad range of interests, including theater, physics, and debate; however, Lexi’s true passion lies in her role as a changemaker, making an impact in Prague’s homeless community. By partnering with FriendShip Prague, and other service organizations, Lexi has initiated student clubs at ISP to mobilize other students to create positive change. She says, "Being a changemaker is about the willingness to try and help; it's about seeing problems in your community and taking action to make a positive impact."

At ISP, students gain a world-class education and the skills and values to lead enriching and meaningful lives. Whether pursuing their passions at top universities around the world or making positive changes in their local communities, ISP students are motivated global citizens, ready to take on the world with a sense of purpose and impact.

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