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A bridge over troubled waters during financial crisis Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 06.10.2008 16:21:54 (updated on 06.10.2008) Reading time: 2 minutes

Rumours surrounding the current financial market crisis has prompted discussions from everywhere from the supermarkets to the hairdresser and by people from all different walks of life. Let us invite you into the World of investment accompanied by Martin Fuchs, Head of Wealth Management, HSBC Bank plc, Prague.

How would you break down the investment market at this time of financial crisis and is it possible to invest effectively?

There is possibility to invest nearly all the time. History has shown us that during a time of a financial crisis often presents interesting investment opportunities. It is usually accompanied by a strong correction of stock markets which subsequently allows investors to purchase shares at a cheaper or lower price. Ideal investment vehicles for less experienced investors are Capital Secured Growth Funds. Its objective is to offer investors potential growth linked to stock market indices or company stocks with the initial capital being protected.

Can you specify criteria that should be met before choosing a particular fund?

Client should investigate for what currency and market the investment is linked to and for how long. Clients should be aware of not only the potential gains available but also the risks connected with it. Clients should capitalise on the information provided from the distributor of the fund as it is necessary to answer the following question. “Am I the right client for this investment”? If the answer is yes then there is only the last step which means to select the most suitable option that is available from financial institutions.

Which Capital Secured Funds shall be in the interest of readers on

If the client is able to provide financial resources in Euros, he could pay attention to the Commodity Growth Fund and invest into price progression of commodities within 5 years and enjoy the excitement and potential high return while their capital is protected.  Clients have also the opportunity to invest into Czech Koruna Titans Growth Fund and profit from the possibility of investment returns linked to the growth of the largest multinational companies. Not to forget the fact that our world´s local bank is amongst the global titans. The final Capital Secured Fund is called Middle East Growth Fund where clients can invest in British pound or in American dollar.

If the client invests into above mentioned Funds at the time of financial volatility, is it flip or flop?

Capital Secured Funds are designed for a medium term period and therefore short term volatility does not influence their return. History provides us with examples that there is the right time to start investing now.

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