Haiti Earthquake

A few local ways you can help aid the recovery

Expats.cz Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by Expats.cz StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 15.01.2010 09:59:40 (updated on 15.01.2010) Reading time: 2 minutes

The devastating earthquake on Tuesday in Haiti has left the nation in tatters. Thousands are injured or feared dead and even more have been made homeless. The already devastatingly poor country (80% of its residents live in poverty) now has no electricity, no water and countries like the US, China, Brazil and France are just a few mobilizing aid and rushing to get it to the impoverished nation.

NGO´s both in the Czech Republic and around the world are setting up funds to send money and aid to Haiti. Here are a few local ways you can help:

Hand for Help, a Liberec-based charity is in contact with the Haitian Embassy in Berlin and is hoping to raise enough money to send a group this weekend to Haiti. The organization has assisted in other earthquake-hit countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. You can send money to their CSOB account number: 40954095/0300 or by SMS to 87777 with the message DMS SOSHAITI.

The Olomouc Archdiocesan charity is also accepting donations on account number: 35-1868350237/0100, variable symbol: 99999 or by SMS to 87777 with the message DMS HAITI.

People in Need is working with their partner organizations already in Haiti so does not plan to send a team. They´ve set aside 300,000 CZK in aid for the country. You can learn more about People in Need and help to contribute to their efforts in this article.

The International Red Cross is always an excellent charity to support in times like this. More information on their efforts in Haiti can be found here. Another group accepting international monetary donations is Oxfam.

The lack of food and water is the most crucial problem currently facing survivors. World Water Relief is raising money to send a response team to Haiti to provide clean drinking water and the World Food Programme is working on a six month emergency operation to assist Haitians affected by the earthquake. They´ve already begun distributing food in a city southwest of Port-au-Prince, the country´s capital.

There have already been mentions of fraudulent monetary solicitations on Facebook and Twitter so be sure you know who you are supporting before sending your money. 

Photo: Marco Dormino/ The United Nations United Nations Development Programme

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