GTA: Prague – AI trailer brings Rockstar video game to Czech capital

Inspired by the release of the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, a Czech fan has used AI to imagine the series set in Prague, complete with trdelníks.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 03.03.2024 09:37:00 (updated on 05.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Gamers worldwide are eagerly anticipating the release of Grand Theft Auto VI, which broke YouTube records when it debuted its first trailer in December. The new game, due for release in 2025, is set in Vice City, a fictional version of Miami. Previous entries have been set in fictional versions of Los Angeles and New York. But what if the iconic series took on a Czech twist?

Inspired by the latest GTA VI trailer, Czech fan Ondřej Svoboda utilized generative artificial intelligence tools to craft a trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Prague. In an interview with CNN Prima News, Svoboda shared insights into his creative process and the innovative technology behind his project.

The concept of reimagining popular game franchises in different settings is not new, but Svoboda's approach takes it to new heights. Using AI tools such as Midjourney for image generation, Runway for video conversion, and ElevenLabs and D-ID for character dubbing, Svoboda meticulously recreated Prague's iconic landmarks and culture within the GTA universe.

The trailer transports players to the vibrant streets of Prague, featuring residents swimming in the Vltava River (instead of the beaches of Miami), and the historic Charles Bridge teeming with gangs. The video even features a Trabant-like car and the not-so-beloved 'Czech' delicacy, trdelník.

For Svoboda, the creative process was a blend of meticulous planning and allowing the AI tools to guide the narrative. By inputting prompts and collaborating with the AI programs, Svoboda shaped the trailer's scenes while ensuring they remained true to Prague's essence.

"[AI] tools have suddenly opened up completely new possibilities for realizing your ideas and thoughts. So I actively use them, test them and try everything that goes with them," Svoboda tells CNN Prima News.

“Another coincidence was that my wife is currently playing the old GTA II. And the main inspiration came when I saw in a Facebook group how someone generated images of GTA: Egypt. There I was like, 'Ah. GTA: Egypt, interesting. So I'll try GTA: Prague.'"

Svoboda's success with his AI-generated trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Prague underscores the possibilities of AI in creative endeavors. The innovative use of technology not only reimagines a beloved gaming franchise, but also highlights the transformative power of AI in storytelling and entertainment.

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