5 easy and scenic cycling routes around Prague for beginners

Get on your bike and ride! These convenient trails in and around Prague promise pleasant scenery and picnic spots.

Marcus Bradshaw

Written by Marcus Bradshaw Published on 23.04.2021 11:25:00 (updated on 24.04.2021) Reading time: 4 minutes

Cycling on the streets of central Prague is not for the faint-hearted, as a combination of tram tracks, cobblestones, steep hills and drivers-with-attitudes collude to make even the shortest bicycle trip a battle. But if you'd like to get going on two wheels without getting caught in the melee, a gentle spin along the river is a good place to start. It’s flat, the views are great, and there are marked routes to help you find your way.

A 32km mostly off-road (except for the section between the Dancing House and the Rudolfinum) cycle path follows the river from Vrané nad Vltavou in the south to Klecany in the north. It’s possible to join the cycle path at several points, and the route is well served by public transport – just remember that bikes can be brought on trains and the metro, but not on trams.

We’ve put together a list of five easy cycle trails for beginners. Each marked trail follows either the course of the river or a stream that flows into the river. The ascents are gentle, and you can enjoy a freewheel as you roll back down the hill towards home. You don’t need to own a bike to do any of these trails – a shared bike will be fine. The start points listed are all along the river, but of course you can start from anywhere. 

How fast you go mostly depends on how hard you push, but at a gentle pace on a shared bike, including stops for photographs, you can probably expect to cover about 12-15 km per hour.

A2 Rudolfinum to Klecany or Ričany 18km

Follow route A2 downstream from the Rudolfinum through Karlín, Líben and Troja and keep an eye out for the lions and cheetah as you pass Prague Zoo. The cycle path continues uninterrupted along the river as far as Klecany, with dramatic views of the valley along the way. The trail ends at Klecany, but there’s also the option of taking the ferry across the river to the village of Roztoky.

A17 Podhoří to Nebušice through Dolní Šárka 6km 

This cycle route starts at Podbaba (it can be accessed from the A2 route by taking the P2 Podhoří – V Podbabě ferry). Follow the cycle path under the railway line and follow route A17, as it gently winds its way up the Šárka Valley. The route follows a mixture of low-trafficked asphalt roads and forest roads and ends in the village of Nebušice.

A12 Braník to Prokopské Údolí 5km (or Řeporyje 10km)

This route starts at Braník, crosses the Barrandov Bridge (follow the signs for A12) and Hlubočepy to the Prokopské Valley. If you have a mountain bike or a brave heart you can continue up the Dalejský Valley towards Řeporyje (the track here is not paved, so caution is advised). It is a 5km ride to the Prokopské Valley and there are pleasant picnic spots along the route.

A1 Anděl to Radotín Biotop 12km

Pick up a bike in Anděl and follow the A1 route along the tram tracks on Nádražní street towards Hlubočepy (or follow the A2 route south and join the A1 by crossing Barrandov Bridge). This route follows the left bank of the Vltava until the confluence with the Berounka and then follows the Berounka river to the village of Radotín. Cool off with a dip in a natural swimming pool in the Radotín Biotope.

A2 Braník to Vrané nad Vltavou 13.5km

This cycle path is easy, well-trafficked and popular with cyclists of all ages. You’ll find lots of young children trying out their wheels, as well as people on rollerblades and young families with strollers, so keep an eye on your speed, especially in the section nearer the city. There are plenty of pit stops that offer refreshment along the route, but it's worth holding out for the views on the section between Zbraslav and Vrané nad Vltavou.

Bikesharing in Prague

Rekola bike photo by author
Rekola shared bike photo by author

Bike sharing services allow you to pick up a bike and start cycling with just a smartphone, so there is great flexibility for switching between cycling and public transport. Bike sharing services are accessible to anyone with a smartphone and a payment card. Bicycles that are hired in one area can be dropped off in another area (within the service zone) allowing for a series of short journeys to be made by multiple users. There are several bike sharing operators in Prague.

Rekola, a Czech company, are recognisable for their bright pink bikes. Operating in the city since 2013, Rekola bikes can be picked up and dropped off anywhere within the large service area shown on their map.

German bike sharing outfit, Nextbike, arrived in Prague in early 2020. A heavier and sturdier offering than Rekola, Nextbike can be rented and must be returned to one of around 250 official stations.

Freebike offers an electric bike sharing service, which allows you go further faster – but that's kind of cheating, right?

A lengthy list of Prague bike routes can be find at the Praha Na Kole site in English. The city of Prague's English-friendly Prague On a Bike app is also a useful tool for navigating local trails.

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