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Where To Get Happy Feet in Prague

Mindee Ball

Written by Mindee Ball Published on 10.05.2012 15:07:10 (updated on 10.05.2012) Reading time: 6 minutes

When packing for my move to Prague from Texas – Yes, Texas! – I instinctively included one very important item in my suitcase: comfortable shoes! Many Czech locals may wonder why. Well, because I come from a city with a walk score of 47. My lifestyle was entirely car-dependent. In Texas, when planning for a day of walking you threw on your Nikes and sufficiently stretched your hamstrings before the trek.

Upon arriving in Prague, I noticed one very impressive, albeit alarming, detail. Women wear heels! Designer shoes! Walking all day long! On cobblestone? Yep. It can be done. I’ve seen it. And those extra high heels only double as a kickstand when the trams push and pull their passengers to a sudden stop at Námêstí Republiky!

When the meek are bold enough to brave the cobblestone roads in designer kicks or the pros are in the market for new gear, there is a plethora of shoe stores to satiate even the fussiest of pallets. So I’m setting out on a designer shoe journey, Nikes laced up and hamstrings completely warm. Can you hear the theme to Rocky yet? Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at one of the stores below.

Shoe stores in Prague are as common as cowboy boots in, well…Texas! However, I have narrowed down the shoe store options to what I am convinced have the widest variety, hottest trends, and overall most appeal. Off and running…

You want shoes? DESTROY has ‘em! Trendy, colorful, and hip are the shoes you’ll be sure to find in these stores. DESTROY carries an extremely wide variety of brands to choose from. They’ve got flat and comfortable, yet trendy, shoes for the conservative stroll through Prague. Feeling bold and fancy? DESTROY can provide shoes for you too! Shoppers can expect to find Nemonic, Desigual, Bronx, XTI, Camper, Replay, Blink, Miss Sixty, and many other brand name shoes. Given the time of year, DESTROY is displaying many sandals in almost every shade of color imaginable. Bronx offers a gladiator sandal for 1399 CZK. For the trendy yet conservative, if you’re into that sorta thing! Blink offers patent leather heels for the truly fashion-forward females for 999 CZK.

Fancy Footwear

Want some even better news? DESTROY can be found in many locations around Prague:

Na Příkopě 31, Prague 1
Vinohradská 151 (Palace Flora), Prague 3
Roztylská 2321/19 (OC Chodov), Prague 4
Na Pankráci 86 (Arkády Pankrác), Prague 4
Plzeňská 300/8 (OC Nový Smíchov), Prague 5

The Australian shoe company has been very well-received in Prague. Hōgl offers conservative-style shoes in bold, colorful packages. Trends this season from Hōgl include bright, spring colors from hot pink to neon yellow. Embellishments with rhinestones seem to be a hot addition this year, as well. If you want to don a pair of bright yellow patent leather heels, expect to pay 3299 CZK. Fear not, my neutral-based friends! Hōgl displays an array of casual flats, wedges, pumps and sandals in more relaxed, earth-tone colors. Beige patent leather peep-toe heels are priced at 3799 CZK.

When shopping for the new collection from Hōgl, I’d suggest wearing your sunglasses. Bright pinks, oranges and yellows topped with shiny rhinestones are the “it” shoes this year. Hōgl’s new collection ranges from 2999 CZK to 3799 CZK.

Na Příkopě 1047/17, Prague 1

Adequately named, Mixer provides shoppers with a wide range of options. Sneakers! Pumps! Platforms! Oh my! Formal dress shoes and casual walking shoes alike can be found here. Mixer has something for everyone. You will find an extremely long list of brands in Mixer stores: Papillo, Birkenstock, Scholl, among many more. Novesta also supplies a huge selection, with prices ranging from 849 CZK to 1899 CZK.

Fancy Footwear

The variety of shoes in Mixer also displays some seasonal trends. Prints and patterns are popping up everywhere, it seems. The most common trend this year? Bright colors! Neon has taken over the fashion world, and the shoes found in Mixer are more evidence the trend is here to stay! (At least until winter, anyway.) Textures from smooth patent leather to rough, grainy denim embellish Mixer’s assortment of shoes.
Prices range from 110 CZK (slippers) to 1620 CZK (boots).

Náměstí Republiky 1, Prague 1 (Palladium Shopping Center)
Plzeňská 8, Prague 5
Na Pankráci 86, Prague 4

Baťa not only has gorgeous shoes, but its tastefully decorated stores are not bad on the eyes either. Baťa proudly displays the newest collection of floral inspired footwear as you first enter the shop (Palladium location). Floral for spring/summer? Groundbreaking? Er…not really, but the shoes are quite exquisite. Bright orange flowers, deep green stems and petals, inviting pink and purple roses…Forget the bouquet! Men can surprise their women with Baťa shoes for the same effect!

Baťa has created some nice pieces of artwork with an array of textures, materials and color. Cork-soled wedges, as seen in the past, are prevalent this year. Animal prints adorn both flats and high-heels. The newest collection of flats with animal print are priced at 399 CZK. As always, neutral colored shoes are available in several materials.

Floral is not alone this season. A hint of a nautical theme can be seen on some of the wedges and flats at Baťa. Cork-soled wedges with the navy and white nautical tone will run you 999 CZK at Baťa.

Fancy Footwear

Václavské náměstí 6, Prague 1
Náměstí Republiky 1 (Palladium Shopping Center), Prague 1
…and many more

If designer shoes is what you want, Deliberti is the place to go. Their selection is not for the faint of heart. Deliberti shoes are stunning. Consequently, they come at a price.

Deliberti, an Italian shoe brand, carries such brands as Valentino and NeroGiardini. Styles range from show-stopping stilettos to casual, yet fashionable, leather boots. Ganzo offers a unique flat boot with pattern-cutouts for 3890 CZK. The boots are displayed in a blue-green color and yellow.

Fabi - 11450CZK, Menbur - 3890CZK
Fabi – 11450CZK, Menbur – 3890CZK

Menbur has a formal grey peep-toe heel with rhinestone accents for 3890 CZK. A truly beautiful shoe that would look great on the Prague cobblestones!

Fabi steals the show with their sandal heels priced at 11,450 CZK. The strappy sandal is adorned with sequined-flower embellishments. A truly remarkable formal shoe!

Na Příkopě 27, Prague 1

Before any night on the town in Prague, Danea must be visited to pick up a pair of the hottest club shoes around. Danea is a small, unique store filled with sexy shoes! If your feet will be on the dance floor all night, they better be wearing shoes from Danea.

Fancy Footwear

Danea carries Top Or, Jennika, Sergio Todzi and many, many more distinct brands. The shoes are conspicuous and flashy, to say the least. The highest heels around and the tallest boots, too! Velvet heels, leather boots, purple animal print, sequins…need I say more?

Náměstí Republiky 1 (Palladium Shopping Center), Prague 1

So there you have it, ladies. Whatever shoe your feet fancy, Prague will let them have it! The cobblestone will be gentle, so I hear. I admire you, ladies, who are talented enough to brave the broken streets in 4-inch zebra-print heels, effortlessly hopping over water puddles only to gracefully land on the first step of tram 26. I’ll be there to applaud you, sitting in the back of the tram in my Nikes, probably with one shoe untied, thinking about how my feet hurt from all the walking added to my new Czech Republic lifestyle.

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