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How to post events to Expats.cz

Expats.cz Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by Expats.cz StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 10.08.2009 14:28:00 (updated on 21.03.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

How to post events to Expats.cz:

1. You need to have an account with www.expats.cz. If you do not, please visit:
to quickly create an account.

2. Go to our events system (“Events”) and click on “Add your event”. Or use the following link to be taken directly to the page:

3. Fill out the form with all relevant info, including start and end date, price, location, description, etc. If you have a business listing on the site affiliated with the same account, you may bind it to the event under the “bind with listing” dropdown menu. You may upload a logo, but it must be 45×42 pixels, .gif format, or it will not be accepted; alternatively, select a generic logo by clicking on “Click for pre-set icons”. 3 images may also be uploaded; they should all be under 800×800 pixels in .jpg or .gif format. When done, hit “Submit this event to our database”.

4. After submitting the event, please allow up to 24 hours for approval before it will appear on our site.

5. After you’ve submitted an event, you’ll be taken to:
which features a list of all approved events you’ve submitted to Expats.cz, along with quick links to edit, delete, and open them.

If you click on “edit”, you’ll see a new option at the bottom of the page: “Save as new listing”. Use this function if you want to use the event as a template. For example, if you have the same event on a different day, simply edit the event start and end dates, and click on “Save as new listing”; a new event will be created for the new dates.

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