Dinner at Prague Castle! Community event unites the Czech capital on June 12

A 400-meter-long table in the shape of a heart will surround St. Vitus Cathedral on Monday evening, continuing a new community tradition.

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 10.06.2023 11:52:00 (updated on 10.06.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Three years after the memorable community dinner on Prague's Charles Bridge, organizers are seeking to make the giant table event an annual tradition. On Monday, June 12, a 400-meter-long table in the shape of a heart will surround St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle, and you're invited to come dine with your Prague neighbors.

The long table event was first launched by community organization Piána na ulici (Pianos on the Street) in 2020, when a 500-meter-long table stretched across Charles Bridge between the banks of the Vltava. A similar event was planned for Prague's Old Town Square last year, but cancelled due to poor weather.

On Monday evening, the table will be set up around the Cathedral of St. Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert in the courtyards of Prague Castle, forming the shape of a heart. It will be adorned with a white tablecloth and decorated with flowers, creating a visually striking display.

No registration is necessary, and all of Prague's residents and visitors are invited to come join the dinner. Food and drink is not provided, with guests encouraged to bring their own dishes and share with others, fostering a sense of communal sharing and camaraderie.

The organizers suggest baking a cake, preparing an egg spread, or even filling up a picnic basket to share with fellow attendees. The act of sharing food not only strengthens connections but also symbolizes the spirit of community and generosity.

One of the core principles of the event is respect for the historic and symbolic significance of Prague Castle. The aim is to create an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude for the magnificent architecture and the profound history that surrounds the castle.

The long table itself serves as a reminder of the ancient symbolism of a table gathering, where important contracts were signed, families and friends met together, and significant life events took place.

Just as the previous event on Charles Bridge brought together citizens and ideological opponents, this gathering invites anyone to sit together at a common table. The organizers emphasize that people do not need to agree with each other, but they can still share this space and find common ground. It represents an opportunity to bridge differences and foster understanding among individuals.

The long table event at Prague Castle is also a symbol of the new openness of the castle itself, with the Prague landmark ending the security checkpoints that resulted in long lines at the front gates earlier this year.

Piána na ulici aims to make the long table event an annual tradition, with yearly events taking place at locations in Prague or other cities throughout the Czech Republic. By hosting these gatherings, they hope to spread the message of unity, togetherness, and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the country.

The long table event at Prague Castle will commence at 5:30 pm on June 12 and will conclude at 10:00 pm. The organizers thank the Office of the President of the Czech Republic and the Administration of Prague Castle for their support in making the event possible.

For further details and updates on the community dinner at Prague Castle, see the Piána na ulici website and official Facebook event.

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