Czechia to give foreigners from three more countries access to labor market

The govt. is expected to approve the change this week; three countries have been added to the original proposal which should take effect in July. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 04.06.2024 10:33:00 (updated on 05.06.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

UPDATE: On Wednesday afternoon, the Czech cabinet approved a new regulation that will allow citizens from nine non-EU countries to access the Czech labor market without work permits or employment cards starting in July. Minister of Industry Jozef Síkela announced the news.

Starting in July, foreigners from 10 countries outside the EU will likely not need work permits or employment cards in the Czech Republic. People from Australia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, the UK, the U.S., Israel, and Singapore should have free access to the Czech labor market.

This change is accounted for in the proposal for a new regulation, which the government is set to approve on Wednesday. The measure aims to facilitate the situation for experts and managers from foreign countries.

Following a tripartite discussion, the cabinet will be able to adjust the list of eligible countries based on the current state of the Czech labor market. Czech labor offices registered roughly 10,000 employees from a dozen selected countries at the end of March.

Chosen countries propose 'minimal degree of risk'

“When selecting the countries, priority was given to supporting the recruitment and employment of highly qualified workers, and from a security standpoint, the chosen countries pose a minimal degree of risk,” the Ministry of Labor wrote in the documents.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, there are 817,940 foreign employees in Czechia. Employees from ten selected countries total 9,989 people (1.2 percent of the total). Over 80 percent wor in highly skilled positions.

Employees from selected ten countries

U.S: 2,505
UK: 4,434
New Zealand: 93
South Korea: 929
Japan: 717
Canada: 389
Australia: 204
Israel: 525
Singapore: 25
Source: The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs


The measures will expedite the entry into the Czech labor market for foreigners who are among the above-average paid. The administrative burden on employers should also be reduced. The ministry notes that people from the selected countries do not reside or work illegally in the Czech Republic, nor do they apply for asylum here.

The employment amendment is expected to take effect in July.

Three new countries added to the list

According to the forthcoming government regulation, people from the states on the new list should not need a work permit, an employee card, a blue card, or an internal employee transfer. Ministers, trade unions, and employers discussed the selection of countries in early May. The Ministry of Labor originally proposed seven countries, then added Singapore and Israel after further deliberation.

Currently, people from countries outside the EU and European Economic Area require permits or cards to work in the Czech Republic. Some employers and investors have cited a lengthy procedure that complicates hiring experts.

The Ministry of Labor states in the regulation documents that the countries on the list are among the most economically powerful in the world, and the Czech Republic has long stood for intensive cooperation with them. The authors of the regulation note that "reciprocal access" for Czech workers cannot be demanded in these countries.

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