Czech Republic launches new digital ID card system

Starting today, Czech citizens can download a new app and register an electronic ID card that promises to make bureaucratic processes run more smoothly. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 20.01.2024 10:29:00 (updated on 20.01.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Czech mobile application eDoklady has officially become operational as of Saturday, January 20, ushering in a new era of identity verification through electronic ID cards. Now accessible on Google Play and the App Store, this app allows Czech citizens to download their electronic ID to their smartphones, offering a convenient and secure alternative to traditional plastic cards.

Starting immediately, central authorities such as government ministries, the Czech Telecommunications Office, the Czech Statistical Office, and the Office for Cyber Security will recognize and accept the new form of electronic ID. Selected municipalities will also adopt the new app on a voluntary basis.

Every citizen of the Czech Republic can now download the eDoklady application and activate their ID card via a central Citizen's Internet Portal (Portál občana). This innovation streamlines identity verification processes, enabling citizens to manage their data efficiently when interacting with the state, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork.

The digital ID card provides enhanced security features, including remote deactivation in case of a lost phone. Biometric authentication further safeguards the application, and users can deactivate or reactivate it at their convenience through the Citizen Portal. The application aims to function seamlessly online, even without an active phone connection.

Beyond personal identification, the eDoklady app will gradually gain acceptance at various institutions. Starting in April, the police will recognize the electronic ID, followed by labor offices and financial authorities later in the year. By the next year, all municipalities as well as Czech Post are expected to join this digital evolution, with the possibility of adding additional documents to eDoklady.

"The introduction of electronic documents is an important milestone," says Jan Kelča, the technical director of OR-CZ, the company behind the new app. "It will become even more significant as more services, especially in e-commerce and healthcare, integrate with it. The government should strive to encourage widespread use of electronic documents."

This revolutionary transition to electronic ID cards was formally confirmed when President Petr Pavel signed an amendment to the Act on the Right to Digital Services before Christmas, with the law officially published 15 days ago, marking a pivotal moment in the digitization of identification processes.

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