Czech news in brief for December 3: Sunday's top headlines

Heavy snowfall leads to travel complications across Czechia, Czech hockey star David Krejčí retires at age 37, and more weekend headlines Staff ČTK

Written by StaffČTK Published on 03.12.2023 08:30:00 (updated on 03.12.2023) Reading time: 5 minutes

Weather Frost warning issued for Czechia as temperatures plummet

Meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute have lifted the snow warning previously in effect until this afternoon, replacing it with a severe frost advisory across the entire Czech Republic. The Institute has revealed that temperatures could plummet to minus 16 degrees Celsius on Monday night.

While snowfall in the northeast has ceased, potential disruptions from snow persist through at least Monday afternoon. Following heavy snowfall on Saturday, particularly impacting southern Bohemia, transport and power supply lines were affected. As winter tightens its grip, the country braces for severe frost, urging residents to take necessary precautions.

Sports Czech judoka Krpálek wins third place at Grand Slam in Tokyo

Czech judoka Lukáš Krpálek secured the third position in the over 100-kilogram category at the Tokyo Grand Slam, with his opponent Tatsuru Saito of Japan unable to participate in the bronze duel due to injury. The 33-year-old Krpálek triumphed over Canada's John Jr Messe A Bessong and Uzbekistan's Alisher Yusupov earlier in the tournament.

Despite a challenging quarterfinal against Russia's Tamerlan Bashayev, the two-time Olympic champion rebounded to securing a spot in the bronze medal match. While Saito didn't compete, Krpálek added another medal to his illustrious career at the Grand Slam, marking his fourteenth podium finish.

Accident Czech driver rescued from creek in Austria

In a snowy mishap near Salzburg, Austria, a Czech driver lost his way in the village of Annaberg, ultimately missing a bridge and ending up with his car in a creek. The 40-year-old driver, disoriented in the snow drifts, mistakenly assumed a snow-covered bridge was the correct path, leading to the car's descent into the creek.

Miraculously unharmed, the driver, found to be under the influence of alcohol, was rescued by local volunteer firefighters using a crane to retrieve the submerged car from the water.

Weather State of emergency remains in effect in South Bohemia

The situation in South Bohemia has calmed after heavy snowfall on Friday and Saturday, with a thin layer of snow on roads. The state of emergency remains, but roads are passable. The regional governor declared a state of emergency due to heavy snowfall causing transport disruptions and power outages.

Currently, 2,400 locations are without electricity. Snowfall is expected to be sporadic over the next two days, with temperatures ranging from minus five to minus two degrees Celsius. Road crews worked overnight to clear roads. The situation is significantly calmer compared to Saturday, and further updates will be provided as conditions evolve.

Health Czech doctors' strike continues despite PM's promise

The agreement between Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Czech doctors is unraveling, casting doubt on how the increased funds from insurance payments would translate into doctors' salaries, as promised by the Prime Minister. Doctors are beginning to backtrack, expressing skepticism regarding Fiala's commitment to allocate CZK 9.8 billion for compensation.

While the doctors' union has urged proper negotiation, some hospitals have already limited healthcare services. Former Health Minister Miroslav Kalousek criticized Fiala's deal, stating that it is impractical and raises questions about enforcing it. The strike will last until at least December 7, with hospitals implementing planned service restrictions.

Transport Train collision in Česká Třebová results in extensive damages

Two freight trains collided early Sunday morning in Česká Třebová, resulting in substantial material damage. The incident occurred around 6:00 a.m., leaving one person injured. Train traffic on the track remains unaffected, as confirmed by the fire department.

The collision transpired at the depot, prompting firefighters from Ústí nad Orlicí and the Railway Administration to respond. Photos from the scene depict extensive material damage. According to, the freight train driver ignored traffic signals, crashing into a stationary train, derailing six cars and a locomotive.

Weather Heavy snowfall leads to travel complications across Czechia

Snow-related travel challenges continue to affect travelers across the Czech Republic, with issues reported across the country's roads and railways. Firefighters have reported numerous interventions, with over three dozen incidents recorded. Czech Railways reports stopped or limited traffic on several lines.

In central Bohemia, ongoing snowfall has resulted in difficulties and reduced visibility on roads. Accidents, including a car with a trailer hitting a guardrail on the D1 highway, have lead to traffic restrictions. Additionally, multiple accidents, though mostly minor, have occured in the Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian regions, with buses and cars getting stuck in snowdrifts.

Sports Czech hockey star David Krejčí retires at age 37

Czech hockey forward David Krejčí, 37, has decided to retire from professional sports due to health reasons, announced his agency, GMG Hockey, on social media. A Stanley Cup winner with Boston in 2011, Krejčí hadn't played in the current season due to lower-body injuries.

Despite considering a return for the May World Championship in Prague, health constraints led to his definitive decision. The Olomouc native spent 16 seasons in the NHL, playing 1,032 games with 231 goals and 555 assists. Krejčí, a key figure in Czech hockey, won two World Championship bronzes and participated in three Olympic Games.

Missing Prague police find missing 12-year-old girl

Prague authorities have located a missing twelve-year-old who left her Řepy apartment without parental consent on Friday evening. Police had reached out through social media on Saturday in efforts to gather information.

The public response was instrumental in locating her, and she is reported to be in good condition. Authorities will now address the situation regarding her repeated running away, involving the child welfare agency. Police express thanks to the public for sharing information and collaborative efforts.

Employment Czech ministry proposes extra reimbursement for home workers

Starting January next year, the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs proposes that employers compensate individuals working from home with CZK 4.50 for each hour worked, totaling CZK 720 for standard monthly hours. This proposed compensation aims to cover costs such as electricity, gas, water, heating, and waste disposal.

While this amount is suggested as a representation of potential expenses, it is not mandatory. Employers have the flexibility to offer a higher or no amount, subject to mutual agreement. Originally intended as a minimum, the lump sum concept faced opposition from other ministries and employers' unions.

Politics Petr Mach to lead SPD and Tricolor coalition in European elections

The opposition party SPD and non-parliamentary Tricolor have jointly announced their candidate for upcoming European elections. Former MEP Petr Mach (SPD) will spearhead the coalition. The election agenda will focus on key issues like migration, energy, the preservation of the Czech crown as the national currency, and the defense of freedom of expression.

Tomio Okamura, the chairman of SPD, emphasized the party's stance against illegal migration and criticized the EU's green policy. The coalition aims to unite patriotic and conservative forces in the Czech Republic. Elections are scheduled for June next year.

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