Czech Army to celebrate 30 years of existence with big Prague show

On June 28, the Army of the Czech Republic will present a large-scale show including a paratrooper jump and river rescue in the center of Prague. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 18.06.2023 09:55:00 (updated on 18.06.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Army of the Czech Republic will celebrate the 30 years of existence later this month with a large-scale show in Prague. The event will take place throughout the day on Wednesday, June 28, on both sides of the Vltava River at Rašínově nábřeží and Hořejší nábřeží in Prague. Ministry of Defense spokesperson Daniela Hölzelová confirmed the information to Czech News Agency.

Visitors will be able to see a jump by paratroopers and rescuers from a helicopter into the Vltava River, a presentation of army technology including boats, and demonstrations of other military equipment. The event will be presented free of charge, and families are invited to attend.

"For the 30th anniversary, we want to showcase the army in a slightly different way than the public is accustomed to, with demonstrations on the water in the center of the capital," Hölzelová told Czech News Agency.

She emphasized that it would be a unique event that has not been held in the Czech Republic before. For example, 12 paratroopers and four rescuers will parachute from a transport helicopter, the Mi-17, into the Vltava River in the center of Prague. Another military helicopter, the W-3A Sokol, will pick up the rescuers from the water. The program will also include a presentation by combat engineers on the water.

"On the Vltava river, you will see army boats, pontoon sets, and you will be able to cheer for rowers from the Army Sports Center Dukla during the races," says Michaela Zacharová from the Czech Ministry of Defense.

Visitors can look forward to demonstrations of military equipment, weaponry, and uniforms. There will be demonstrations of service dog training, close combat, an L-159 fighter jet simulator, an exhibition by the Czech Army Honor Guard, and autograph sessions with athletes from the Army Sports Center Dukla.

The army will also set up booths where the various components of the Ministry of Defense and the army, including state-owned enterprises, will be presented. The Military Intelligence Service will also make its public debut, showcasing the work of its satellite center and presenting examples of the Czech Republic's cyber defense.

As part of the POKOS project (Preparation of Citizens for the Defense of the State), visitors will have the opportunity to try out military physical fitness tests, basic first aid, and chemical protection. The program will also feature the Central Band of the Czech Republic Army and the military artistic ensemble Ondráš.

Czech Minister of Defense Jana Černochová and Chief of the General Staff Karel Řehka have both confirmed their participation in the event.

"We warmly invite schools and the general public to attend the event, and admission is free," Zacharová adds.

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