A spa membership in Prague is the perfect cure for the winter blues

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, consider the perks of getting in a sweat or steam at Prague's premiere day spa.

Morgan Childs

Written by Morgan Childs Published on 28.11.2023 18:00:00 (updated on 13.03.2024) Reading time: 3 minutes

There’s so much to love about Prague in the wintertime: the snow-covered rooftops, the holiday markets, the hot mulled everything. But short, dark days, slips and falls on icy sidewalks and the damp Czech chill that sometimes lingers well into April—all of these can take a toll on expats’ mental, and occasionally physical, health.

For anyone who suffers from aching muscles, malaise, or general Grinchiness in the winter months, Lenka Jurášková, spokesperson for NH Collection Prague Carlo IV offers an antidote: why not try regular visits to a sauna or wellness center?

“The holidays are a wonderful but stressful time of year, so there’s no better season to make time in your schedule to relax in a tranquil environment,” she says. “And the health benefits of regular exercise and time in the sauna are too many to count.” 

With Lenka's help, we’ve rounded up the benefits of three wintertime wellness practices for weary bodies and minds. (Just be sure to check with your doctor before implementing any radical changes to your health regimen.)

An essential retreat during the drab winter months

Not only does time in a sauna or steam room offer a respite from the cold; but it also comes with a host of potential health benefits. Regular sauna use has been linked to greater longevity and improved cardiovascular health, and enthusiasts cite a long list of desirable health outcomes from frequent use, including clearer skin, a boosted immune system, and improved respiratory health.   

Looking for a gift inspiration? The Carlo IV Wellness & Spa offers gift vouchers.

The Wellness & Spa Center at the Carlo IV Hotel in downtown Prague can provide a haven for those seeking immunity-boosting treatments (and respite from the holiday hustle and bustle) just in time for the winter season. Visitors can warm up and unwind in the center’s understated elegance. During the winter months, the Carlo IV spa’s massage therapists provide stress-relieving treatments with skincare to protect against dry air.

A workout routine (you’ll actually want to do)

Tempting as it may be to stay bundled up in sweaters and coats (or blankets) all winter long, regular exercise is just as important in the winter as it is the rest of the year. Maybe even more so: if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder—i.e., a mood that tends to decline as the daylight dwindles—upping the amount of exercise you do might help to keep your outlook positive. Cardiovascular exercise is particularly powerful as a mood-booster. Even if you’re not slip-sliding on the icy trails of a Prague park, if you know you’re susceptible to the winter doldrums, you’ll want to lace up your shoes, hit a gym, and get a sweat in. 

Frequent winter swims

When it comes to winter exercise, one workout stands out from the rest. Swimming in a temperature-controlled pool is a low-impact exercise that can be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from joint pain and stiffness, which can flare in the winter months. Regular swimming has also been linked to elevated lung capacity—making it great for cold and flu (and Covid) season. 

NH Collection’s stunning Carlo IV Wellness & Spa on Senovážné Square offers three-, six-, and 12-month membership packages. Members enjoy unlimited entry to Carlo IV’s tranquil sauna, steam room, swimming pool, and fitness studio, plus discounted spa treatments, vouchers for the hotel’s 1890 Restaurant & Bar, and other exceptional perks. For more information, visit www.carloivspa.com

Lenka says that without a doubt, her favorite feature of Carlo IV Wellness & Spa is the complex’s 20-meter heated swimming pool and whirlpools. “The position of the pool under the vaulted ceiling enhances the swimming experience,” she says. “You can completely switch off and recharge!” 

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