Converse Rehearsal Space

Newly opened fully equipped rehearsal room without complaining neighbours or mouldy walls

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 13.05.2013 10:07:47 (updated on 13.05.2013) Reading time: 4 minutes

It’s an age old problem that has plagued up & coming musicians since the beginning of time. You’re in a band, you have heaps of enthusiasm and, if you’re lucky, time. Perhaps you even have the instruments and promoters lining up to book shows with what’s set to be the next big thing! But what about solving the rehearsal space conundrum? It’s difficult to storm the music industry if your band doesn’t rehearse.

Of course, you could take the damp and dark panelák basement space, which undoubtedly has its unique charm; some of the best songs have been written and rehearsed in extremely unaccommodating environments, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable space for creative juices to flow without the risk of damp or dry rot squashing your musical endeavors before they’ve even begun?

Many of Prague’s bands have found a rehearsal home in the grimy attic rooms above Holešovice’s Cross Club, a rugged space to rent for you & your band to practice. Or perhaps Zizkov’s professional rehearsal spaces (Orebitská, 5), where you’ll find music equipment, lighting and even lessons for budding musicians, prices set for single use or per month.

There are countless secret spaces which are used by the rich, famous and influential musicians based in or visiting the city. One of the most respected studios in Prague, Faust, provides rehearsal spaces in the bowels of their impressive studios. A secret well-equipped hideaway for those musos in the know!     

But now there’s a new option. If you’re looking for an inspiring space for band rehearsal without complaining neighbours or mouldy walls, you’d do well to check Converse and Czech music portal’s latest Prague-based project for you and your band! Prague 4’s Nusle is the unlikely yet suitable location for this exciting and progressive scheme from footwear and apparel giants Converse. Prague debuts a fresh concept from the clothing giant which marks a step in a new direction for the global brand. Deep in the corridors of Areál Vinařských Závodů (Bělehradská 7/13), you’ll find the newly opened Converse ‘test room’. Converse Marketing manager Lucie Holíková talked passionately about the aims of the test project, which will run until the end of the year, perhaps longer.

“We thought about an activity that would not only promote the brand, but something that would really make sense. It occurred to us that not every band can afford its own rehearsal space, especially in the early stages of the band’s career, so we thought that it would be nice if they could have the chance to use the great space here thanks to Converse!” The rehearsal room is an example of the new style of marketing employed by large brands, a method which is growing in popularity.

Converse have always been supporters of fledgling talent; the brand’s roots are in innovation and creativity. A thirty-something Marquis Mills Converse, previously known and respected for his management endeavors for a firm in the footwear industry, decided to open The Converse Rubber Shoe Company, back in February 1908. The Massachusetts based operation has been growing steadily (to say the least) ever since, providing footwear for men, women, and children around the world. Over the years, the company has developed and positioned itself as a market leader. Converse enters its second century by sticking close to its original values, celebrating the spirit of rebellion and creativity within all walks of life.  So how can you and your band take advantage of this unique resource? The rehearsal room is available to use free of charge everyday between 12:00 – 16:00. Prospective users need only click the link, select an available time and day, and reserve.

Outside of those hours, rehearsal room prices are between 200 CZK – 300 CZK per 2 hour allocated time slot. This price includes rental of musical instruments: two guitar amps (Bugera, Marshall), bass combo (TC Electronic), plus a solid drum set (Pearl Vision). A pretty powerful PA system with separate subwoofer for keyboards, samplers and 2 dynamic microphones (with stands) have all been kindly provided by Music City and are readily available at the rehearsal space. owner Michal Novák adds, “The [space] is ready for absolute beginners who don’t have their own equipment. It was important for us to make it available to young enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to try out instruments, play together and build relationships.”.

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