Confirmed Czech coronavirus cases hits 5,589, with 309 recoveries and 113 deaths

The Czech Republic had 5,589 confirmed coronavirus cases this morning, the number rising by 257 over Thursday


Written by ČTK Published on 10.04.2020 07:49:48 (updated on 10.04.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

Prague, April 10 (CTK) – The Czech Republic had 5,589 confirmed coronavirus cases this morning, their number rose by 257 on Thursday, while 113 patients with COVID-19 have died in hospitals and 309 have recovered so far, according to the updated data from the Health Ministry’s website.

This week, the highest number of the new confirmed cases was on Wednesday, 295, the lowest on Tuesday, 195.

Laboratories in Czechia performed 8,009 coronavirus tests on Thursday, which was 155 fewer than on Wednesday with the record figure of 8,164 tests. Their total number reached 114,854.

The highest coronavirus incidence is still in Prague, more than 98 cases per 100,000 population. The capital has also the highest overall number of the confirmed cases, 1,342 so far, a quarter of all cases. It is followed by Moravia-Silesia with 584 cases.

However, if the population is taken into account, the Olomouc Region fares second with 546 cases and about 86 infected per 100,000 inhabitants.

On Thursday, eight patients with COVID-19 died in Czech hospitals, all were over 60. The total death toll rose by one to 113, the ministry said.

On Thursday, 446 COVID-19 patients were staying in Czech hospitals, including 98 with a severe course of the illness. More than one-third of those hospitalised have recovered or have been released to home quarantine.

Daily numbers of tests and positively tested cases:

Date: Number of tests (Newly confirmed cases of infection)
April 3: 6,889 (332)
April 4: 6,134 (282)
April 5: 4,710 (115)
April 6: 6,233 (235)
April 7: 7,434 (195)
April 8: 8,164 (295)
April 9: 8,009 (257)

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