Colours of Ostrava Guide

Read this and ensure you have a safe and stress free festival

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 11.07.2012 10:24:29 (updated on 11.07.2012) Reading time: 3 minutes

This year’s Colours of Ostrava festival is drawing near. With an impressive and eclectic line-up featuring musicians from around the world. We have compiled this informative article to ensure you have a safe and stress-free festival!

Travelling from Prague to Ostrava

Train: The high-speed Pendolino train from Prague’s Hlavní nádraží (Main train station) to Ostrava Hlavní nádraží is a relatively cheap and efficient form of transport. The three-hour journey can also work out less stressful than driving on the weekend roads. The Pendolino departs from Hlavní nádraží (PRG) around nine times a day. There are also direct EuroCity and InterCity trains between Prague and Ostrava which operate roughly every two hours. Travelling time takes about four hours (ticket cost: 430 CZK/approx. 18 EUR). Festival attendees can receive a 25% discount on their return train tickets (2nd class). Be sure to ask for the discount when you purchase your tickets by stating ‘VLAK+’ (Train+) to Colours of Ostrava. Once at the festival, you must show your return ticket at the festival’s info desk to be stamped. Ticket holders travelling on return tickets without the RFP stamp will be charged the full price for their journey, so don’t forget! Train times can be found here.

Ostrava-Svinov is the recommended station for wheelchair-bound festival goers. The station is fully equipped with ramps and lifts to ensure safe and easy access and departure. 

Bus/Coach: Coaches leave from Prague’s Florenc bus station to Brno, then from Brno to Ostrava. The journey is long but might be fun with a group of people. Book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Navigation in Ostrava: The Colours of Ostrava site is close to the city centre. Approximately 20 minutes by foot or simply hop on Trams 1, 2, 6, 10 or 13 (for 3 stops) to be taken closer to the site. The city will be providing extra trams in around the centre to keep the traffic flowing.

And here is the map of festival park:

Colours of Ostrava Guide

Accommodation: There’s plenty of space for those wanting to camp at the festival site. The Colours camping site is conveniently located next to the festival area. For the first time this year, you can pre-reserve a spot in the tent city and also pre-reserve parking for your car or caravan. It’s recommended to avoid the last-minute car park rush.

Colours of Ostrava Guide


The grassy camping area is fully equipped with showers, toilets and running drinking water. The tent city will be guarded 24 hours a day by a security agency; only festival ticket holders will be allowed into the tent city. The festival organisers are also preparing other services for the tent city (breakfast options, etc.) which will be announced as they are confirmed. Charges for tent city (as every year) reflect the necessary costs associated with its smooth running. Tent city is easily accessible from the Ostrava Central train station (about 300m).

Time and dates of availability of tent city: From Thursday, July 12th at 12:00 to Monday, July 16th at 12:00.

Parking: is located next to the festival grounds. The area will once again be fenced in and continuously guarded.

Colours Without Barriers: The Colours of Ostrava team has been working hard to provide an enjoyable festival for all attending, regardless of any disabilities. There are a number of on-site facilities to cater for those in wheelchairs, those with visual impairments or ailments. More information on Colours Without Barriers can be found here.

Cash points: There is a Česká Spořitelna ATM machine located in the festival area, at the Česká spořitelna tent.

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