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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 18.04.2013 16:48:00 (updated on 03.02.2021) Reading time: 7 minutes

“Cooperation with Expats.cz has always been beneficial to us, we have always appreciated the flexibility and tailor made advertising solutions.”

Marketa Sebkova

Marketing & PR Manager, Hilton Prague

“Crown Relocations would like thank Expats.cz and Martin Howlings for our strong cooperation and partnership. Since our Advertising cooperation began 4 years ago our brand awareness has grown along side of Expats.cz while it has become “Corner Stone” in the community.

Expats.cz is a common place where all “Expats” in Prague can feel at home and find out interesting things happening and also for people that have become “Local” to share their experiences and knowledge to continue re-invent Prague.

We are in International Household Goods Moving and Relocations Company, 90% of our clients are Expats. We, like Expats.cz, are fortunate enough to build a relationship with our new Expats before they arrive in Prague and at the end of an Expat´s time when they move on from Prague. We´ve seen continued growth in our business and are looking forward to continuing to serve the international community of Prague and grow in cooperation with Expats.cz.”

Matt Andrisani
Business Development Manager, Crown Relocations

“We have been advertising with Expats.cz for a fairly short time since we are a newly opened business but we have been very satisfied not only with the excellent results of our campaign but also with the level of customer service that we received. The Expats.cz team have been efficient, attentive and helpful from the very beginning. A significant number of our clients reported finding us on expats so in short the campaign has definitely been a worthwhile experience for us.”
Annemarie D’Agostino
Managing Director, b fresh preschool

“Expats.cz is the first place we make announcements concerning special events and parties. It is one of our main forms of communication with the English-speaking market, and is possibly the most effective. Expats.cz
offers an excellent quality/price ratio for our marketing needs.”

“We in Grafton Recruitment have been cooperating with Expats.cz for 3 years already as it is a very good source of candidates who speak foreign languages.

My colleagues in the Grafton Multilingual Division are happy about the co-operation too. They even promote the Expats.cz website to the foreign candidates they meet, and who are willing to come to Prague, as it is a great source of information in English about Prague in general and also events, housing, etc. We also give them the Survival Guide, which is appreciated as a nice gift.”

Mgr. Mikuláš Procházka
Marketing Manager CEE, Grafton Recruitment

“Few advertising media have had the immediate and traceable impact that we have consistently received from Expats.cz. Place the ad and the reaction is palpable. In addition, the attention to customer service that we get from the entire Expats.cz team has always been overwhelming. I highly recommend this site.”

Anthony Hasek
CEO, Kinetik.cz

“In relation to November/December 2008 “New Years Eve“ and January/February 2009 “Valentines Menu“ advertising on expats.cz web pages, I can state that in both cases, it greatly contributed to filling up our restaurant to 100%. This was unquestionably a result of your campaign. We are certain that the advertising on your web pages had a fundamental influence on this success. The campaign strategy that you have suggested, the placement, the banner design and also the visit rate of your web pages was ideal for our clientelle. We hope that you will offer a similar product in the future. You can definitely count on our interest in further advertisements.”

Luboš Rychvalský
Owner, Dahab Mezze Restaurant

“Riverside School has enjoyed a good working relationship with Expats.cz over 7 successful years. The site provides a positive introduction to our school and many of our families first hear of Riverside through it. We greatly value the central role expats.cz plays in our international community.”

Peter Daish
Head Master, Riverside School

“We have been working with Expats.cz for years and are very happy with their services. The content of their website is great, we often use it when the customers we accommodate in Prague ask us where they could find anything ranging from tennis club to pilates lessons and electric adapters. This content draws quality traffic of people looking for something – we use both premium listings and sponsored links to attract those looking for apartment hotels in Prague. And the Expats Survival Guide – in which we advertise too, is the real bible any expat coming to a new city would like to find. Our clients who stay longer- several weeks or months- appreciate it very much. Add to this a very helpful, flexible and reactive team and we look forward to working with them for many more years.”

Eric Bordier
Director, RENTeGO Apartment-hotels

“All four of my Czech registered companies have worked with Martin Howlings of Expats.cz over the last 5 or so years. This includes Bohemia Bagel, U Maleho Glena Jazz Bar, Traditional Antique Crafts, and The Museum of Communism. Essentially I have found the cooperation not only to be extremely professional but very flexible and creative as well. With an excellent grasp of business (his own and his clients) Martin Howlings has been able to develop an ongoing relationship where both of our businesses thrive. Because Martin and his staff are technically savvy they are also able to track exactly how their advertising reaches people. When Expats says they reach so and so many people, they can back it up. And in any event they are extremely reliable and trustworthy.”

Glenn Spicker
Director, Bohemia Bagel

“I have been happily cooperating with Expats.cz for over five years. As a counselor it is imperative that my service be easily accessed by the English-speaking community. Advertising on the site has been the primary way the people with whom I work have come in contact with my office. The entire Expats.cz team has been helpful and courteous and the site has honestly been invaluable to the development of my practice.”

Gail Whitmore
Director, Gail Whitmore, Counselor

“A long-time client of Expats.cz, our company Happy House Rentals has been given special treatment by the Expats.cz team. I also appreciate the clients that come from Expats.cz and receiving free delivery of the Expats.cz Survival Guide, which we use a as free gift for our clients and employees.”

Chris Westergaard
Director, The Language House TEFL

“I have been cooperating with Expats.cz for more than three years of continuous and productive partnership and feel confident that the relationship will continue long into the future. My professional experience with Expats.cz mainly focuses on job advertising and brand marketing both of which have been very successful to date. Using Expats.cz has provided me a unique pool of candidates from a wide range of different countries, either already living in Prague or planning to relocate. The discussions with Expats.cz employees are very open, they are constructive and I really believe that they try to understand my needs and create a cost effective solution. Their added value as a general resource and business partner is also important to mention, they are the ‘expat experts’ and are always ready to share their experience and expertise.”

Iain Pike
Senior Consultant, Horizons Recruitment

“I’ve been cooperating with Expats.cz since 2003 and highly recommend this site to anyone arriving in Prague as it has information on everything you could possibly need. I’m a regular advertiser and am happy with the results and especially the excellent customer service. The staff are always coming up with something new and are constantly improving the site and services. They are always on top of things attracting more and more viewers.”

Cheryl Drabova
Owner, TEFL Worldwide

“Over the past 5 years working with Expats, Martin and his team have never faltered in their commitment to serving the local and expat communities of Prague both in terms of their customer-centric approach and delivery of truly measurable results. But what really sets Expats.cz apart from the competition in my eyes is its forward-thinking and ability to be that one or perhaps even two steps ahead in terms of technology and innovation.”

Shelley Leighton
Admissions Director, EISP Prague

“We have been cooperating for some years now and would like to thank Expats.cz for the wonderful work and amazing development of the site. Fast response to our enquiries and dedicated staff.”

On advertising of a job position:

“It went very well and smooth, I found the interface easy to use and as we also develop websites, it is something I care about. We have found the right candidate and she is now part of the team 😉 Many thanks for your help and your services.”

Julien Seux
SEO & Project Manager, Digital Publishing s.r.o

“Expats.cz is a professional company that can support your business on so many levels. With many years of experience, many solid partners and a huge customer base they are sure to be able to support and drive your business forward. Expats.cz have a great team that are smart, proactive and readily available to help and share new ideas. Expats.cz are a key part of my business and have not only increased my online revenue by around 15% but they are constantly approaching me with new interesting ideas to help us progress. Expats.cz are a key partner of GS Hair Products and I would gladly recommend their cooperation to any business.”

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