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Increasing Migrants' Chances to Access the Labour Market Staff

Written by Staff Published on 17.04.2007 13:35:52 (updated on 17.04.2007) Reading time: 1 minute

Written by Jana Winkel
Center for Migration Issues

Increasing Migrants‘ Chances to Access the Labour Market

With the start of the new year, the Center for Migration Issues, a non-profit organization, started an eighteen-month project, “Increasing Migrants’ Chances to Access the Labour Market,” sponsored by ESF, EU, and MPSV. The main goal of this project is to assist our client-migrants in becoming fully integrated in Czech Society, focusing specifically on integration into the national labour pool as equals, not as invaders.

As part of this project, the Center for Migration Issues will be offering services that orient the migrant to the work environment in the Czech Republic. Our employees are trained by specialists to provide appropriate advice concerning writing a CV correctly, searching for a job, preparing for an interview, and the interview itself.

Because of complicated employment laws (regarding employment of foreigners and migrants), our employees are well informed about new legislative changes that effect employment issues. They are ready to help our clients with their rights and duties as potential employees in the labour market in the Czech Republic.

We communicate with the Bureau of Labour, Municipal registers, Foreign Police, Ministry of interior, and recruiting agencies on behalf of migrants to help them find work. Mostly we are trying to build open-minded , trustful, confident, serious and respectful relationships among migrants-foreigners, Czech employers, and Czech society.

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