Brno's uptick in foreign residents drives increasingly diverse population

Nearly 65,000 internationals are registered for permanent or temporary residence within Brno, representing almost 150 countries worldwide. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 14.03.2024 10:13:00 (updated on 14.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The city of Brno, situated in the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic, is witnessing a notable increase in its international population, as per information released on its official website.

According to the Ministry of the Interior’s monthly statistics, nearly 65,000 foreigners are registered for permanent or temporary residence within Brno, representing almost 150 countries worldwide. Data analyst head Ján Zvara, as quoted on the city’s website, said:

“In 2011, when the global economic crisis affected the economy, the number of foreigners in Brno decreased. Now the trend is exactly the opposite, and the number of foreigners has reached almost 70,000.“ 

Ukrainians constitute the most significant demographic after Slovaks, numbering over 31,000, followed by Vietnamese and Russians.

The surge in foreign residents can be attributed to shifts in global dynamics, notably the full-scale invasion of Ukraine that began in 2022. Zvara highlighted the impact of this event: “More than 20,000 new registered residents came to Brno from Ukraine alone.”

However, determining the exact number of foreigners residing in Brno remains challenging due to various factors, including the special status of Slovaks and EU citizens exempt from registration requirements.

Zvara noted that the influx of foreigners gained momentum after 2015 when companies began offering jobs amid low unemployment rates in the Czech Republic.

The diversity of Brno’s population is evident, with people from approximately 150 nations calling the city home. Alongside the prominent Ukrainian presence, citizens from Romania, India, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Kazakhstan contribute significantly to the multicultural fabric of Brno.

Notably, the Filipino community has seen a substantial increase, with their numbers rising to 899 within two years, driven by targeted job opportunities.

In terms of employment, Brno boasts over 69,000 foreign workers in its labor market, according to data from January 2023. This figure encompasses nearly 63,000 registered working foreigners and over 6,000 foreign entrepreneurs.

Zvara noted that most foreign workers hail from the EU or countries with unrestricted labor market access, reflecting a broader regional trend.

The South Moravian Region has experienced a significant influx of foreign labor over the past fifteen years, more than tripling the number of workers from abroad. This growth can be attributed to various factors, including economic interdependencies, EU integration, globalization, and the exceptionally low unemployment rates in the Czech Republic and Brno.

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