ASK AN EXPERT: Family-friendly or adults-only hotel? Key differences to know

We asked the experts at Coral Travel to compare the amenities at two different types of hotels to help you design your perfect getaway. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 02.02.2024 12:00:00 (updated on 09.02.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The choice between an adults-only hotel and one that’s family-friendly depends on what type of vacation you’d prefer. Dreaming of a quiet and romantic getaway without children? An adults-only hotel is your best bet. If you're up for a kid-led adventure hotels with a family-friendly concept are a great choice. Both options offer unique experiences and amenities tailored-made to ensure an ideal escape.

Coral Travel – a tour operator specializing in booking packages from Czechia to top holiday destinations – has organized tours for more than 28 million clients worldwide and recently opened new locations in Ostrava and Chodov in Prague. We asked their experts to highlight the key benefits of adults-only and family-friendly hotels. 

Alanya, Turkey. iStock by Aleh Varanishcha
Alanya, Turkey. iStock by Aleh Varanishcha

Grown-up and glamorous

  • Atmosphere: Adults-only hotels are designed to provide a calmer and more relaxing environment. This is perfect for couples or groups of adults who want to escape the family hustle and bustle.
  • Services and facilities: These hotels – like the Raga Side in Turkey – often offer services and facilities that are specially tailored for adults, including wellness centers, romantic dinners, nightly entertainment, and other specialized activities.
  • Peace and quiet: Without children present, these hotels are more likely to have calmer and quieter atmospheres.
  • Location: Adults-only hotels are often located in more exclusive locations that are more suitable for adults, such as secluded beaches or city centers.

TIP: The stylish Sette Serenity, an adults-only hotel, in Alanya, Turkey, offers an a la carte concept, drinks delivered to the sunbed on the beach as well as a luxurious and especially quiet environment.

Family fun adventure

  • Family atmosphere: These hotels are designed to be family-friendly, offering a variety of activities for all age groups.
  • Services for children: They typically offer special services such as children's clubs, animation programs, playgrounds, and pools for children.
  • Amenities for families: Family rooms, special dining options for kids, and babysitting services to let parents enjoy some alone time.
  • Location: These hotels are often located in areas that are attractive to families like spots near beaches, theme parks, or cultural attractions.

TIP: Eftalia Blue a new Eftalia brand hotel is situated by a giant water park on the beach in Alanya, Turkey, with unlimited activities for children of all ages and great food. Marvida Family Eco in Side, Turkey, is another family-friendly hotel with a waterpark.

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