ASK AN EXPERT: What does 'first-minute' mean when it comes to holiday travel?

We asked an agency that specializes in booking packages from Czechia to several holiday destinations to explain the lingo. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 01.11.2023 17:30:00 (updated on 01.11.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

At one point or another, many of us have contemplated snagging a “cheap” last-minute travel deal. Seasoned adventurers, however, know that the real bargains are never snagged on the fly but rather by booking “first minute.” 

We asked the experts at Coral Travel, an agency that specializes in booking packages from Czechia to several holiday destinations and that is part of Coral Travel Group, which has organized tours for more than 28 million clients worldwide, to explain.

Above all else, 'first-minute' savings are tied to early bookings

In many cases, you can save up to 50 percent off the total cost of your trip, freeing up your travel budget for more adventures, more one-of-a-kind holiday experiences, and ultimately more memories. 

Another key advantage is flexibility. Early bookers have the option to reschedule dates or even destinations if their plans change or unexpected events arise. This flexibility makes planning and booking trips easier.

With first-minute deals, you can have your pick of special offers. Like "Kids Go Free" or "2+2" packages. These allow families to travel on more affordable terms. Travel policies vary between agents, so it's important to check individual cancellation policies ahead of time.

Booking early also means securing exclusive hotels that not only provide comfort but desirable locations as well. What you save here can be spent elsewhere to improve the overall quality of your vacation.

Popular first-minute destinations include Turkey, Greece, and Egypt

Turkey is ideal for families, with many "Family Concept" hotels offering kid programs and wellness options for parents. Greece attracts young couples with its beautiful islands and romantic beaches. Egypt, meanwhile, appeals to adventure-seekers and divers looking to explore its rich underwater worlds.

First-minute deals are the best way to plot your next adventure. They allow you to plan affordable, flexible getaways while choosing from a wide array of top-rated destinations. They represent opportunities savvy travelers should consider when mapping out holiday plans. When you get right down to it, booking in advance means traveling smart with significant cash savings tucked nicely in your back pocket.

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