Annual fares can now be purchased from Prague metro vending machines

Prague's Public Tranist Company confirmed that the service has been tested and is now available at over 300 ticket machines. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 22.01.2024 12:00:00 (updated on 22.01.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Frequent passengers on Prague's public transport system can now purchase long-term electronic coupons for public transport at the ticket machines located in the metro.

The Prague Transport Company has introduced the new feature to over 300 modern machines, expanding the options beyond the previously available channels, such as the Lítáčka website, applications, and information centers.

The ticket machines now enable the purchase of not only annual coupons but also monthly, quarterly, or discounted coupons. Daniel Šabík, the Head of Communications at the Prague Transport Company, confirmed this development to, stating that the innovative service has been tested in five machines in Prague and is now available in 303 equipped machines.

  • Machines are strategically placed, with at least two to three in front of each check-in zone in metro vestibules, including six at Hradčanská.
  • The new ticket machines are accessible at all terminals of Václav Havel Airport Prague, and stops along the Divoká Šárka - Dědina tram line.
  • For a full list of ticket machines offer annual coupons see here.

To accommodate travelers, the Prague Transport Company has streamlined the purchasing process. Passengers can use cashless payment methods to buy any type of electronic coupon for public transport in Prague. According to Šabík, the transaction is swift.

"All you have to do is attach a valid Lítačka chip card or InKarta to the reader. The passenger will see the currently valid coupons on the display. If a passenger doesn't have one on it, or the existing ones expire in 60 days or less, they can choose a coupon for the next period and pay the relevant amount cashless with a payment card."

Upon payment, the system automatically uploads the purchased coupon to the customer, completing the entire process in about 10 seconds.

Petr Witowski, Chairman of the Board and CEO of DPP, emphasizes the company's goal to simplify fare purchasing for passengers. The long-term objective is to promote modern and cost-effective methods.


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Currently, the service is limited to the Prague territory, excluding the outer PID zones.

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