Amsterdam to Prague overnight: Sleeper train service to launch in March 2024

The service will travel through Germany, and also includes Brussels as a start and end destination. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 11.10.2023 10:07:00 (updated on 11.10.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

International train company European Sleeper has announced a date when a night rail service between Brussels or Amsterdam and Dresden or Prague will commence. Initially, the service operated between the Belgian and Dutch capitals and Berlin, but now Prague will be added to the route. It will launch on March 25, 2024.

Travel through Rotterdam and Antwerp

European Sleeper had always intended Prague to be the final destination of its first sleeper service from Brussels. However, due to extensive engineering works near Dresden, Berlin was chosen as the temporary end point.

Now, thanks to the completion of the engineering works, European Sleeper will be able to offer an attractive timetable with well-balanced arrival and departure times. Passengers can leave Brussels at 7:22 p.m. and arrive in Prague at 10:56 a.m. the next morning, after stops in Rotterdam, Antwerp, and the Czech city of Děčín.

Owing to the Eurostar connection at Brussels, it also opens up the possibility of travelers being able to get all the way from London to Prague (and vice versa) using just two trains.

The route was announced in 2021 in cooperation with Czech carrier RegioJet. Two years ago, the train from Prague was planned to arrive in Brussels in the morning, in time for meetings of European institutions. In the reverse direction, it would leave Brussels in the evening and arrive in Prague in the morning. However, no official schedule has yet been published.

A map of the route. Photo:
A map of the route. Photo:

Other inter-European plans

Not only is European Sleeper expanding its services to Prague, but it also have plans for a winter night train between Amsterdam and the French Alps. Additionally, it is working on an EU-backed Amsterdam-Barcelona service set to launch in 2025. European Sleeper aims to enhance the travel experience by increasing the number of sleeping cars, ensuring passengers' comfort onboard.


This expansion of the night train network comes as the EU promotes eco-friendly alternatives to short-haul flights. Long-distance and sleeper services are experiencing a revival as travelers increasingly seek out less polluting forms of transportation. In line with this trend, the Austrian rail operator OBB and Germany's Deutsche Bahn recently announced the launch of the Nightjet service between Paris and Berlin. 

A sleeper train between Amsterdam and Prague in early April 2024 would cost EUR 139 (about CZK 3,400). A connection between Brussels and the Czech capital costs EUR 169 (around CZK 4,100) when opting for a sleeper train.

There are more exciting developments in the pipeline, as Nightjet plans to introduce a Vienna-Paris service via Salzburg and Munich, which began operating in 2021. Furthermore, it wants to launch a new service connecting Brussels and Liège to Berlin in December.

As travelers increasingly prioritize sustainability and seek alternative travel options, the expansion of the night train network in Europe provides a promising solution. With improved connections and enhanced comfort, these long-distance sleeper services are becoming an attractive choice for those looking to explore the continent while reducing their carbon footprint.

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