26,000 Czech police officers to enforce ban on movement between districts

According to Czech Television, around 26,000 officers will be deployed to monitor compliance with anti-epidemic measures restricting free movement


Written by ČTK Published on 28.02.2021 09:41:00 (updated on 28.02.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

About 26,000 police officers will be deployed to monitor the observance of the Czech Republic's anti-epidemic measures restricting people's free movement between districts across the country, Czech Television has reported, referring to Police President Jan Švejdar.

The police will be patrolling all main roads, including highways. Their checks will be random, Švejdar said.

Additionally, police have released the rules of movement between regions and districts in the form of FAQs on their website.

Švejdar had a video conference with regional police chiefs to agree on how and where the patrols would work as of Monday.

"It is not feasible to physically close all routes between districts," Švejdar told CTK.

"Nevertheless, patrols will be positioned to enforce the measure and to prevent people from circumventing it to the highest possible extent."


On Friday, the government decided to restrict the free movement of people in the Czech Republic as of Monday for three weeks to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Within the tightened restrictions, written confirmation from an employer will be needed if commuting to work in another district.

Visits to relatives will be allowed only to secure necessary needs or care. An affidavit or a special form with the place, time, and purpose of visit will be needed to see a doctor or visit authorities outside of one's district of residence.

Walks and jogging will be possible only in the municipality where people live during the day. People can do essential shopping only within their district as well.

Police will check the observance of the restrictions at random, including on trains and buses.

Interior Minister Jan Hamáček said on Friday that the police forces would be reinforced by up to 5,000 soldiers for this purpose.

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