Laughing is learning

Laughing is learning

Czech and Italian and French and German and Englishteacher

Mistakes are the best teachers
About Christopher Falzon (me)
  • What I teach Czech, Italian, French, German, English
  • Instructions inCzech, Italian, French, German, English
  • Native languageFrench
  • NationalityFrench
  • Group teachingyes
  • Online teachingyes
Hobbies: - Cooking (and eating!) - Languages : reading books giving some tips and hints about languages - Listening to blues, classical but also to rock, some hip hop and electronical music. - History: learning and talking about past events which contributed to make nowadays languages and societies. - Newspapers: dealing with current events and reading as many pieces of information as possible - Eating Medovnik!
Where I teach
  • LocationPrague
  • Preferred settingTo be agreed
  • Do I commute?yes
Nowadays, video calls tend to be a common way of communication and teaching. But I definitely do not mind arranging classes at any locations according to your needs and availability.
  • 45 minutes400 CZK
  • 60 minutes450 CZK
  • 90 minutes550 CZK
  • 120 minutes650 CZK
  • Free trialYes
First trial is for free obviously!
Are you willing to find out whether BRIAN IS IN THE KITCHEN?

- English : Preparing students to PET, FCE, CAE, Ielts general and Ielts Academic and Toefl exams. teaching from Beginners to Very Fluent level, dealing with both UK English (Cambridge FCE, CAE) and US English (thanks to a previous work experience with American customers and colleagues).

- French : teaching from Beginners to Native level. Giving tips to read French newspapers, book recommendations, talking about our national music, food... In order to dare talking without any fear of

- Italian : teaching from Beginners to Very fluent level, to gain vocabulary and not being terrified by the pronunciation. The key is often some listening recommendations and talking either about Italian cuisine, music, geography, calcio and regional differences.

- German : teaching from Beginners to Confirmed level, thanks to 9 months living in Berlin and a recent Translation job experience for Relaxdays. To overcome the 4 German cases by talking without fear. Daring to speak is the first step to break the ice. Grammar will then pour easier than a Paulaner or a Kölsch .

- Czech : teaching from Beginners to Intermediate level. Seven cases, perfective and imperfective, "čtvrtek" which gives nightmares to many foreigners... Hold on! Let's start by learning daily life useful sentences, common verbs and talk about Czech culture and history to check how accurate is the incoming Jan Žižka blockbuster.

First trial is for free obviously!

My teaching experience

  • My education Communication and international journalism Master diploma / Aix-Marseille University Political Sciences Master diploma / Sciences Po Aix 2 years of experience as an independent teacher and translator. Preparing students to FCE, CAE, Ielts, Toefl.
  • Experience1-3 years
  • Certification Cambridge FCE ESOL for foreigners diploma - Toefl - Ielts Academic - CAE Cambridge
    Specialized in the German Press - Master Thesis on "Die Autonomen" movement
    Work experience at Olympus company working with American customers and colleagues on a daily basis.
    Translation position from German to French at Relaxdays company. Working as freelance translator.
    Knowledge and tips on French regional accents thanks to journalism, travel experience and being a native.
    Interest and book recommendations about Czech history and culture as well as current events and legislation
    Italian books and movies recommendations, from Gomorra to comedies

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