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Tai Chi in Prague and within the Czech Republic.

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Zhen Wu Praha - Kung Fu & Taiji

Learn true traditional Chinese kung fu and taiji at Zhen Wu Praha 

Tai Chi Academy - Tj Sokol Vinohrady

Tai Chi School and Academy. Located on the third floor of Tj Sokol Vinohrady in Riegrovy sady, Prague 2.

Zhai Hua Tai Chi School

Tai Chi School of master Zhai Hua. We offer regular classes and weekend workshops in Czech, English and Chinese. Practice with the master who brought Chen Taijiquan from China to the Czech Republic • The exercise is led by Shifu Zhai Hua personally....

Tai Chi with Master Quang

Tai Chi with very experienced Vietnamese master

Centre of Taoist Arts Zlatý Kopec

Many people now feel that their harmony with nature is lost and are trying in some way to get it back. Many have the feeling that the problem has something to do with freedom and they are trying to get this freedom back so as to achieve that lost...

Taiji Praha

Taiji (Tai Chi) practise, individual teaching and workshops in English/Czech

Yang taichi

School of traditional Yang taichi runs classes for non-Czech speakers in English. Regular lessons take place every Monday and Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm at the facilities of Základní škola Emy Destinnové, náměstí Svobody 3/930, Praha 6 Bubeneč

Taiji Club 37

Yang style Taiji classes held in Arha studio, Dejvice, Prague 6 and at Relaxarium, Mustek, Prague 1. Group and private lessons.

Taiji pod lupou

Tai chi lessons - both health and martial aspects