Shaolin kung-fu and Tai-chi Prague

Shaolin kung-fu and Tai-chi Prague

Letenské sady , Prague 7, 17000

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If you have ever think what you should do to be able to perceive the presence of the moment, relaxation and everyday beauty around you, then you are a good candidate for learning Shaolin kung fu and Taichi techniques. On top of all this, you are still improving your melee and self-defense skills. Both Shaolin kung fu and Taichi are essentially different directions, Shaolin is an external style and Taichi is an internal style, but they are closely linked and reinforce each other's progress in practice. That's why it's best to focus on both styles from the beggining. Get more informations about actual courses of Tai-chi and Shaolin kung-fu on our website. Looking forward to meet you there. Ondrej Divis, the Instructor.

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