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SunDo is a Korean Taoist art of personal development, developed by mountain monks. SunDo’s origins date back several thousand years. Outside of Korea it is relatively unknown, but its complexity is gaining more and more supporters.

SunDo is a good foundation for life, it will give you energy and peace.

The Class is divided into 5 parts:

- Warm-Up Exercises
- Breathing Meditation
- Qi Circulation Exercises
- Internal Organ Exercises
- Strengthening Exercises.

No previous experience or fitness level is required.

Currently we run both In-person and Online classes.

MONDAY SunDo Class - Arha Studio, Prague 6, 06:50-8:20, CZ/EN
MONDAY SunDo Class - ONLINE, 19:10-20:20, CZ
TUESDAY SunDo Class - ONLINE, 9:15-10:45, EN
TUESDAY SunDo Class - ONLINE, 19:15-20:45, EN
THURSDAY SunDo Class - Arha Studio, Prague 6, 06:50-8:20, CZ/EN
THURSDAY SunDo Class - ONLINE, 9:15-10:45, EN
THURSDAY SunDo Class - Arha Studio, Prague 6, 19:20-20:45, EN
THURSDAY SunDo Class - Bukovina, 18:10-19:40, CZ

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Super beneficial practice!

Reviewed by user 04.01.2023
I had the opportunity to try a Free Online Class that they offered. I was really surprised, it was very complex, the stretching was great, the breathing meditation was so calming, yet still difficult and there was even strengthening exercises. Usually I cannot meditate but after the breathing meditation I was so calm and peaceful that I did not want to come out of it. I still felt great the day after. Instructors were great to. I would like... read more


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