Wax In The City - professional waxing studio

Wax In The City - professional waxing studio

Sokolovská 694/102a, Praha 8, 18600 Now closed - opens at 10:00

5.0 Reviewed by 2 users
As leading waxing chain, WAX IN THE CITY is the address for professional warm wax hair removal in Prague. Waxing without appointment! Modern. Discreet. Hygienic. Professional.


We’ll help you to discover your personal wax appeal – and make your body emerge as sensational as it was meant to be!

WAX IN THE CITY studios are the IT place for professional warm wax hair removal. As an international chain of waxing studios, we not only pioneered the concept in Germany and Europe, but as premium service providers are now one of the undisputed market leaders in the segment. What we offer is as unfussy as it is unique: Walk-in+! Just come along whenever you like during the regular opening hours. Or check-in online via our exclusive Q Waxing APP for the next available time slot. With our APP you can check out at any time how busy our studios are, which makes your studio visit as comfortable as possible.

Naturally, hair removal by WAX IN THE CITY meets the highest standards in the industry – hands down. For our waxing treatments, we use our own natural wax produced in Germany, and we offer a state-of-the-art Body Care line to maintain your skin at its best before and after hair removal. Our studios are staffed exclusively by Waxperts specially hand-picked and trained by WAX IN THE CITY: no wonder we are the unchallenged number-one WAXPERTS all around! To see (and feel) is to believe.

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Great experience

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 19.05.2020
I have to say I had a pleasant experience with this studio. I visited them many times and have never left disappointed. The location is also convenient, being very close to the Krizikova tram stop.

Great Service

Reviewed by Martina Viskova 11.12.2019
I had the great pleasure to try waxing services for the very first time after a long time of contemplating about waxing, in this studio. The waxpert Mirka was a professional - I was very afraid of pain knowing only these crazy movie scenes and a lot of screaming but if was far away from the truth. They apply a warm (on some areas feels hot so you need to hold on few secs but the temperature opens your pores to take out the hair gently) wax,... read more


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